Another Job off the To-do List

Why are The Boys so interested in this lorry? 

Ah yes, it's because it's heading our way.

...right to my front door. We've only been in the house for six years, so you couldn't expect pavements to have been done before now, would you?

You would?

They Guys all worked like a well-oiled machine, all of them doing their own jobs. Concrete was poured, then spread, and then the screeding was done - that's what The Builder is doing here.

The back of the house, and the boys are on the home straight.

But I see a lot of banter and blethering going on here, whilst we (notice the 'we' again) still have work to be done.

Thankfully, we have someone who doesn't leave the job until it's done.

Yep, the Wee Guy carried on, 

and on,

and on....

until his job was done.

Apparently, the drying cement gets swept to give it 'brush lines'.

Some of our smiling squad.

...and washed wheelbarrows.

This is a 'major' one off The Builder's To-do list. Sadly, my list of To-dos just keeps growing and growing.


  1. They must feel very proud for a job well done! Especially your hard-workin' Wee Guy! Looks so nice!

  2. that is awesome! and what a happy crew, too!

  3. Wonderful! It's so nice to see a job well done...done being the operative word.

  4. My to do list is always growing. Such is the life of a home/farm owner! Looks like a great group and some nice work!

  5. The Wee One put everyone else to shame! Good job!

    Looks great too. It's always nice to get something crossed off the To-Do list. Mine seems never-ending as well... sigh!

  6. It looks great! Tell the Wee One he did a great job staying focused. :-)

  7. Looks marvelous!!! I know you are glad to have that done. Have a blessed day!

  8. My fellas are asking if the concrete crew can come over the pond to help with the concrete in the shed in a few weeks? :)


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