My Love Affair with Plasterboard Dust

It's been six years since plasterboard dust was a part of my life.

Six long, happy years. 

I ought to have known the happy state of affairs could not last for much longer.

This was my kitchen the day of the Guga.

(Small-print Admission: my worktops are never this empty. I don't recall the details of this photo, but I must have tidied it all for the photo. That was before y'all knew me and I may have been wanting to create a good impression. Pwah! I don't bother now, cos y'all know me too well anyway. 
Of course, the alternative explanation is that the guga may have chased everything in sight out of the kitchen. That's possible.)

Normally, this is what the island worktop looks like. 

But the point of my showing these photos has nothing whatsoever to do with the tidiness, or lack of, of my kitchen worktops. The (already partly dismantled) dresser unit on the right is where I want you to look. 

This was my kitchen on Tuesday.

This was my Dining Room.

Then this began to happen. My dresser began to be dismantled...

and then removed.

See the gloved hand? 

That's because the Builder has gone all soft. 

(Oh well, okay, it may be because he's got some steri-strips holding a cut together.)

And so the rip-out begins...

Katie thought she'd give a helping hand,

putting all her body weight behind her efforts.

And soon realized that if all else fails....

...try a good karate kick.

Showing daylight...

and now giving a glimpse of what is to come. Dining room and kitchen all in one.

No doubt, you'll see more of the progress as we .... er, progress.

The reason for the alteration (apart from my love of platerboard dust)...? We are putting a stove into the kitchen. More on this later.


  1. ooh. happy demolition dust! ugh! :)

  2. Like I always say; Youre a brave Scot!

  3. oh, fun! but...no stove before? more details! :)

  4. Exciting changes! And lessons in patience too.

  5. Oh my! I think it will be nice when it's done. Good luck with the dust!

    Are you adding another stove or do you not have one?

  6. Love it Anne, especially the karate kick and I too have had that affair with plaster dust. Clogged the vacuum cleaner that wasn't meant to clog! Yeah I know I should have hired an industrial one but you just want that dust gone! Thankfully, for now no more plasterboard is coming down until the skylights we just ordered are installed. I won't even get to do a karate kick - I don't think I would attempt one from the top of a ladder. What kind of stove are you putting in? Traditional? modern? Maybe a mix of both? Do share!

  7. I thought you had a stove in the kitchen. Oh well, maybe there is a word or two that I don't know. I think it looked lovely before, but I am sure it will look even more wonderful after you are all finished.


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