Spring has Sprung

Okay, let's just get this straight: On Saturday, I reckoned Spring had Sprung.

Today, I realise Spring has Sprung back again, but while it lasted - yep, all of 48 hours - it felt good. The sun was shining, the winds were but a gentle breeze, and although the temperature was only 8C (46F, with a windchill of 39F) it really felt like Spring.

The first Spring-like thing I set to was clearing out the larger of the Hall cupboards. I had to make space in it not only for its own occupants, but also for the stuff previously residing in the smaller Hall cupboard. The smaller cupboard has to be emptied to make room for stuff which is, at the moment occupying some kitchen cupboards.

That all clear?

If it is, y'all are either smarter or madder than I thought.

The best of it all was that I did all the emptying, and the girls took over and did all the sorting.

Here it is at some stage of sorting. 

By the time the girls were at this stage, I'd escaped.

I took a wander out to the greenhouse - the very, very neglected greenhouse.

You know, by the time I reached November last year, I was totally done-in. That meant I didn't clear out the greenhouses like I ought to have done, and this was what met me on Saturday.

Amazingly, amongst all that death, there is still some life.

Green strawberry leaves.

I tidied all boxes up, dumped a load of stuff, swept the floor and felt a different person.

I also felt doubly impatient for when I'm able to get planting again.

And just when I thought Jackson could be no cuter...

...this happens.

Introducing Jackson 'Patch' 


  1. Oh Jackson, you are adorable!

  2. What is your post about again!?!? Got hung up on that really cute dog... :)

  3. Jackson is so cute! How did that happen? I am so thrilled for you to find life among the death. I am sure after your TLC it looks fabulous.

  4. Should I admit that I followed your cupboard saga or not? I can relate because I'm constantly doing that here... sigh.

    Getting your greenhouse cleaned up again must've felt good! AND, to find some new life amongst the dead and neglected was surely exciting!

    The look on Jackson's face is priceless! So cute!

  5. that pup is too cute! a good laugh!

  6. OH he looks so cute with a dirty face. I love it when they have been doing serious work and get so dirty. I think it looks like you are getting everything ship-shape.

  7. That Jackson is looking a little like Petie from "Little Rascals" with his new patch! I guess everyone is getting a little taste of spring it seems, taking care of projects that come w/ the season. How nice to see strawberries still living!

  8. I'm glad to know that it is a universal thing that we all need to tackle these things now and then. I sometimes wonder if it is just me... why can't I keep things in order. Things look wonderful for a little while, and then all is in disarray again. It is good to have the kids help (I think), then they are a little more conscious of the potential mess they create when putting things away.... or not putting things away I should say... at least hypothetically of course... come to think of it I'm not sure that connection is always made... but one hopes. But of course in your case it is a matter of re-arranging.

    I've got some strawberry plants coming to life in the garden as well... I do think they would prefer a nice warm green house, but alas they cannot have it. We are al dreaming about the idea though. Jackson is a crack up... I love him.

    I love your hair... it looks so cute both in the long format and the short. I'd say you did a great job cutting it. I often cut mine... not always as successfully.. sometimes I have to run on in and have the hairdresser fix what I have done. I can't resist doing it though. It comes over me... a need to have something different..... and when that hits.... this feeling of "right now" hits as well. Lovely to hear from you Anne. Give our love and blessings to the family.

  9. Jackson looks like he had some fun in the dirt! I am much like you...after a long stint with the garden I just have to leave it at the end!


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