A Charismatic, Jewish, Scottish Wedding....

On Saturday, we attended a very unusual wedding. It was unusual for Lewis anyway, but I suspect it would have been unusual anywhere, because we had a:

Charismatic wedding, with 

Jewish traditions, with

Gaelic psalm singing and the men in kilts.

Now, you tell me: Have you ever been to a wedding that combined all of the above?

I'm going to post a selection of photos (I did ask the Bride and Groom's permission) that will, I  hope, give you a flavour of the day. The Bride is American, and the Groom is from Ness.

The couple were married under a canopy, similar to a traditional Jewish Chuppah.

They exchanged rings, and then

...the Groom may kiss the Bride

After the marriage vows had been taken, the couple were covered with a shawl whilst Pastor MacKenzie recited the Seven Blessings in Hebrew and in English.

(By the way, this pastor's name was Aaron MacKenzie. He is American and I reckon he had the perfect name for a Jewish-Scottish wedding. I was going to ask him if he'd changed his name for this day, but thought that might be a bit cheeky! I assume it is his actual name ;)

The groom placed a sash in the Campbell tartan (his tartan) on the bride. 

I wished the Groom every blessing and happiness.

They are leaving tomorrow (Tuesday) for their honeymoon. Wait for it. Four months - visiting:

Er.... and I got a week in Wales???

On behalf of my Wife and I .... 

(Do you have this tradition? ... the groom's speech begins with the words, 'On behalf of my WIFE and I ....' at which point everyone shouts and applauds!)

The wedding cake had such an appropriate topping: a bicycle. You would have to know the groom for it to make sense, but take it from me: there has never been a more appropriate cake topping. Evah.


  1. Thanks for sharing. What an interesting wedding ceremony. The happy couple look completely peaceful and ready for life together. How delightful! Best wishes for a long, happy life together.

  2. What a great day for them! They fitted all of the traditions together in such a nice way. Many blessings to them...joys doubled, sorrows halved!

  3. So interesting and lovely.How special for them to share with us .Thank you.

  4. What an interesting combination, everything was just lovely!

    The closest to this for us, was a wedding where the groom wore a kilt, and the guy who played the bagpipes was also in full Scottish regalia. But at the reception, we were served Middle-Eastern style food in honor of the grooms, step-dad's heritage. I do remember that we ate grape leaves, among other things that I cannot remember. But the wedding itself was one of the most beautiful, and the most memorable our family has ever attended.

  5. What a lovely occasion to blend culture. May the Lord bless them richly. (Do I spy Kate Middleton's wedding dress on the beautiful bride?)

    I'll be on the lookout for them in California!


  6. my gosh, they make SUCH a handsome couple! truly wonderful!

  7. How sweet! The cake is cute too.

  8. I LOVE this!! As a (charismatic) Christian Zionist of Scottish descent, it's right up my alley! It's not clear if the American bride, or the Ness-native groom is Jewish, but I don't imagine there is a huge Jewish community on Lewis? It would be interesting to hear how they met!

  9. I love things like this. Simple acceptance and combining of traditions is just wonderful!

  10. How wonderful! Is the bride Jewish then?

    1. No, Doda, she is not and neither is the groom. They just have a love for Israel and its people :)


      You'll see more about it here :)


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