This is What Happens....

This is what happens when folk come and stay with us for a holiday.

They're sent to work!

A dear friend from the USA was with us for a week, so we took her to the peats.

Here they are being lifted.

They're put into little 'wigwams' with a 'bonnet' on top! This lets the air to the part of the peat that was lying on the ground, and lets the air circulate.

They will not take long drying now.

We did allow her some socialising too.
Only a little.

She is here with another two Americans living in our village.
(They're everywhere these Americans. And you have to watch them: once they come, well ... they just don't want to go!)

We also took her to the beach....
....and allowed her some fun time with our kids.
In fact, we sat and had the BBQ, and she played with the kids.

We're thoughtful like that.

I have to tell you all, it was cold. 

I don't mean that it was a nice summer evening with a gentle but cool breeze wafting in from the sea.
I mean It Was Cold.
In the 50s F; 30mph winds off the Atlantic.

We nearly froze.

We ran on the spot to try and keep warm
It didn't work.

Of course, when you take kids to a beach, the temperature changes nothing.

They climb....

Who are these kids on the rocks?
That's dangerous.

Their parents are clearly hugely irresponsible. Clearly.


They play....

My baby and my niece. Boy, they are hardy. 

I could hardly take the photo for shivering, and I had my jumper, cardigan AND jacket on.
No kidding.

And they see how far they can go into the sea without going blue with the cold...

And some decide to be REALLY brave. Or mad.

Aaarghhhh! He did it! 
I don't know who this is, but he did.
Oh, I do know. He's my son.

He gets his bravery from me.


  1. What a fun time. It sure does look cold! Those clouds are gorgeous and the water is beautiful!

    When is your warm season?

  2. LOL Anne,
    You sure have some brave kids! I LOVE the pics of the ocean. Your sky is SO gorgeous!!


  3. Been there, done that! Once you're in the water you don't actually notice how cold it is! Well, when you are as young as they are anyway! Wouldn't be brave enough to try it now!

  4. Love your photos.....I feel like I was another American enjoying the beach with you guy's! lol! Thank you for sharing.....loved it!

    Oh, what do you do with the peat after it dries? Burn it or ??.....just curious.

    Have a blessed day!!

    He is Faithful!
    Sweet Blessings!

  5. Thank you all for your comments.
    Jackie - yes, we burn the peat. An open peat fire is lovely to sit at... comfy chair, fire blazing, good book - aaahh - sounds good!

    Catherine was at the beach today and took some photos on her phone. I'll post them soon - just to prove that we do sometimes get blue skies!

    Love y'all!
    Anne x

  6. Oh, and Elizabeth....this IS our warm season.
    It OUGHT to be. This year though, the warmth has gone AWOL. :-(
    Love, Anne x


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