4th July Fun Day

Over the past few days, we sewed some bunting....

....painted some flags...

...cut out many, many stars...

...and decorated our kitchen wall!

All in readiness for our homeschooling get-together. 

We also got started on some food!

Thought we'd make a Union Jack pavlova as well! 

Here are some of our folks arriving. They even stuck an American flag on their van. Very smart!

Three of our little girls waving flags. Aren't they so cute!

After we sang the Star Spangled Banner .....we did, you know. We learnt it AND sang it. Just a word for you Americans out there....'Your anthem is so difficult to sing!'. You need to take a look/listen to our anthem. It's classic. 
Anyway, we sang it, and then went out for a game of baseball (our version at least!)

How is Katie's bowling action? D'ya reckon she'll make it in the big time?!

While our all-important match was going on, others found their own amusements. Isn't this wee guy adorable.

Here he is battling the wind. Our wind was gusting up to 50mph. 
Our temperatures were in the high 50s.
This is July. July! 

This is not normal summer weather - even here. Honest.

We did a blindfold 'place the star on the flag'...

Let's just say the kids have a better sense of direction than the mums!

This is proof of how busy homeschool mums are.... the upside down flag was not deliberate!

Here we all are. We were privileged with a visit from Rev and Mrs Roberts (at the back), who are grandparents of some of the kids here.

And before everyone left, we all signed the constitution

Happy 4th July to all our American friends!


  1. Very cool! Wow! You actually learnt and sang our anthem! :) It _is_ very difficult! Good gracious! The high notes are certainly very high! :) But it is beautiful when sung correctly! :) Fife and drums are my favorite sort of American Patriotic music! You all did a GREAT job with your 4th of July celebration! :) I know I will sound ignorant, but, in Scotland, what is the equivilant of our 4th of July? I mean, do you all have a special National Holiday? Perhaps my sisters and I can learn the Scottish national anthem and sing it on that day! :) -Rachel

  2. Wow!!! What a sweet delightful 4th of July celebration! And my, how you honored us Americans! Your cake was beautiful, all your decorations and your flag! I had to show my husband! He loved it :) It looked like it was a success! You don't know how much we want to come over there and visit you all :)

    Much love and God bless you Anne!

  3. That is so neat! I love the National Anthem, but it is difficult! ( is that the correct spelling?) It is one of my favorite songs, and my sister and I like to have singing competitions with it. ;) I usually have to sing it quite low, because my voice usually dies out completly on the high notes! God bless! ~Kelsey

  4. Oh my goodness Anne, this post is bringing tears to my eyes. I don't know if I am the only one feeling sentimental, but it really got to me. You probably have no idea how this has blessed us... not to mention what a lot of great ideas. It makes me wish all of my kids were little again so I could do more of these things...perhaps when the grandkids are bigger :) Speaking of "The Star Spangled Banner", you should research the story behind the song. It is really interesting. Many blessings to you. Oh, by the way, were all the families homeschool families? I was just curious to know how the homeschool movement is in Scottland. What a delight you all are. Also I ditto Rachel and Sarah's
    Many Blessings
    Love Pam

  5. *sniff* It's touching to see y'all from the UK celebrating OUR national holiday more than many Americans even do!
    Y'all are troopers for learning the anthem! I've been singing it all my life, so I've never really thought of it as difficult. (except for the really high note on "and the rockets' red GLARE")
    I love the pavlova! It looks (or should I say, "looked") delicious!

  6. Applause, applause!!!! You did a great job!

    Anna's brother, Ben, loves your country of Scotland! He has a flag pole that he loves to fly a variety of flags on along with the American flag. Just this week, he flew the Saint Andrew's Cross. He also has the Rampant Lion which will fly in our valley wind at least every other week.

    We went to a celebration that included the reading of the Declaration of Independence and the famous speech by Patrick Henry that ended with "Give me liberty or give me death!" Ben and Anna played a big game of capture the flag with other homeschooling families.

    BTW, when Anna got the blossom rot on her tomatoes, she said, "At least it isn't as many plants as our friend in Scotland!" :-)

    (Anna's Momma)

  7. You did a wonderful job!
    I believe your national anthem is "God Save the Queen"- we actually have a patriotic song written to the same tune- "My Country, 'Tis of Thee".
    Have a great week! -Kendal

  8. Fab photos!!

  9. "God Bless America" would be a better national anthem, in my opinion! It is much easier to sing:)
    Good job on the celebration!

    -Mrs. Humphrey in the US of A

  10. Oh my!! Your July 4th celebration blessed my heart so!! The pictures are just wonderful and the signing of the Constitution brought tears to my eyes. You and your blog ministers to me greatly....my Scotish Sister!! Thank you!!

    Sweet Blessings!

  11. Wow! You did great! I can't imagine 50's in July. Our temp was 106 on the 4th.

    Great job!!! I bet the kids had a wonderful time!


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