Another Family Wedding

 The Builder's Baby Brother got married last week. 

It was such a joyful event for our families. 

And aren't they simply the handsomest couple you've ever seen? 

(Doesn't that sound sufficiently Mrs Bennett-esque. It's really quite an achievement when one begins to sound like Mrs B without even trying. Or maybe a worry, rather than achievement.)

Either way, they are a wonderful looking pair. 

Just as all the guests were lining up for a group photo, I was able to sneak this photo of the bride's hair. Isn't it gorgeous :)

*      *      *

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, they had this impressive stack of macaroons.

Ohhhhh. Yum.

Raspberry macaroons, pistachio, salted caramel, chocolate orange .... the list goes on and on. 

So did our eating of them.

*      *      *

The wedding also gave us the opportunity to get a photo of ALL the cousins.

Don't they look fab?!

Although, I have to be honest .... it took some work to get them all looking so, erm, presentable.

First we had this ...

and then we had this ...

C'mon, folks, third time lucky, eh?

Maybe not. As I say, it took a while, but eventually we were able to get them all looking reasonable.

More than reasonable, wouldn't y'all say. These guys are such a wonderful bunch of kids. It's so hard for us to have taken our Wee Guy - sorry, Calum Stewart (I'm still not used to calling him by his name!) so far away from them. I'm concerned he'll end up needing therapy as the years go on. Or even worse, that he'll be putting us in an old folks' home when we're old as a punishment. 

Oh well, we'll always have DR, Catherine, and Katie to look after us. Isn't that right, kiddos?

And talking of kiddos...

My boys were there ...

And my girls were there ...

and our new kiddo too. Everyone was there, and so I was in my happy place.

*      *      *

After the speeches, and the meal, everyone gathered for some music and dance.

Here are the Bride and Groom taking part in one of the the Eightsome reels. Not many folks could dance a Scottish Strip the Willow that elegantly in such a dress. 

Of course, I would be just as elegant. But I know y'all know that anyway. 

Yeah. Right.

Another Strip the Willow. Such fun!

And here are Stewart and Marie, this time taking part in a Virginian Barn Dance. 

With a name like that, who could not love it!

What blessings we have in our lives! Marriage is such a God-given blessing, and families are such a God-given blessing. Last Friday we were able to be part of both these wonderful gifts our loving Creator has given us. We thank Him for marriage and for families; for siblings and for nieces and nephews; and for times of joy, when we rejoice with them who do rejoice (Romans 12:15).


  1. Congratulations to them!! A beautiful day!

  2. Congratulations!

    We have our second family wedding this year on December 29th! Our second daughter will be getting married! This will make our third child married in two years!

    I say a hearty Amen! To you words about the blessing of marriage and family!


    1. Wow... that is a LOTTA weddings in such a short time! You'll be the expert on preparing for, and surviving weddings!
      Every blessing to all the young couples
      A x

  3. You are truly blessed with a wonderful family, such a joyous occasion. Congratulations to the beautiful couple.


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