A Saturday Afternoon of Baking and of Trees

Now, just because space is limited in my new kitchen compared with my old kitchen, that is no excuse not to have baking in for the Builder. In fact, no excuse is any excuse for not having baking in, isn't that right?

Yup, it is. And anyone who looks that good in a kilt can make any demands of me. 

Apologies. I digress. We were baking, weren't we?

Space is limited, and I had a bit of, erm, fun finding a place in which to put the bowl and the waiting cake tins. Having this kind of kitchen space takes me back to when we were first married and living in Glasgow. 

In Ness, I used to take all the ingredients for a recipe out and have them all to hand beside me. You all remember the island in my kitchen, right? Now, I take each ingredient out of the cupboard and jolly well get it back in there before taking the next ingredient out! 

Lemon loaves never go wrong, and the recipe I use is an old favourite from the Free Church cookbook. I blogged the recipe here.

I also made The Pioneer  Woman's Pumpkin Sheet cake. I love this sheet cake, topped with cream cheese icing. The recipes are found here, on PW's wonderful site.

If you make this sheet cake, please make sure you top it with the cream cheese icing. It's seriously, deliciously moreish.

In between loaves being in the oven and sheet cakes cooling down, I took my camera outside to snap a couple of shots of the beautiful trees in front of the cottage.

Did I already mention we have trees here in this neck of the woods?

Lots and lots of trees.

Right now, they are full of the variety that Autumn gives.

In fact, because they are so lovely and because they change almost every day, and because the lower Autumnal sunlight adds warmth to their beauty, I am almost inclined to forgive them for blocking so much of the spectacular countryside from my view.

I cropped this photo, just so you'd get a glimpse of what's hidden behind the trees. You see now why it's hard to love them being there ....

But now you see why they're so easy to forgive. They are a delight.

And now back in for a cuppa and some of the lemon loaf. As you can see, I need to be quick, given that the Builder and the Wee Guy were nibbling whilst I was snapping.

'If you snooze you lose', is their motto.


  1. Hahaha, Anne, you always make me smile...no, I have to admit, I go from smile to chuckle, to lol. Love your narratives, even when sharing a recipe. The lemon bread looks delicious... and the pumpkin cake also. So nice to get glimpses of your life these days. I know so much has changed; including the kitchen. It does take some readjusting doesn't it? We are in Colorado right now (while many of our furnishing and doggies are in Florida... being watching over by the girls and grandchildren :) ). Nathan and Himilce and their 3 are here with us, helping us finish the last of the work that needs doing here, and hopefully getting all sold; so nice to have them with us. Have a lovely week and happy baking.
    XOXO Pam

    1. Great to hear from you, Pam : . I think of you often, and wonder how things are going in the CO to FL move and sale etc. Our house sale officially goes through *tomorrow*... we're beyond the point of no return now! I do hope you'll get CO sold and be able to really enjoy being surrounded by your kiddos and grand-kiddos. Nothing like having family all around <3

      Love, Anne x

  2. Oh man I love to have baked goods around, but my waistline does not. ;) I also love lemon bread - so I must try that recipe! Beautiful autumn trees - looks so much like home here. Well, actually almost all the leaves are down already, so maybe yours looks a little better. lol

    1. Ours are emptying more and more daily, Susan. I guess when all the leaves are gone, at least I'll see that view beyond!

      The lemon loaves are so easy and soooo yummy. Go for it. Your waist will thank you ;)
      A x

  3. Oh my I wish I was there for a slice of lemon loaf and a cup of tea. I could stare at the beautiful countryside all day long! Blessings my friend!

  4. We always say that too, "you snooze, you lose!" I will check out both of those recipes! They look wonderful and would be delightful with tea.

    Your trees are lovely, but I do understand why you have a love/hate relationship with them. I have a friend in Maine who complains about the same thing where she lives. No one wants to cut any trees down ever, even when they encroach or block the view! A bit of thinning is good for the trees too!



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