John and Catherine's Engagement Photos

John and Catherine had some official engagement photos taken recently. They were taken by Graham, of Graham Braid Photography, at Nairn beach, and I reckoned I'd be as well showing them off before the actual wedding photos are taken. Nothing like being on time and organised, eh?

I love the natural-ness of these photos, and how relaxed the two of them are together. Considering that Catherine isn't overly comfortable in front of a camera, I reckon some credit must go to Graham for making for a relaxed photo shoot.

Apart from a couple of photos on which I wish to comment (you'll see my comments when you reach the photos), I'll simply leave you to enjoy the photos.

Even though the photos weren't taken on one of our Ness beaches, it would seem that the urge to jump dunes is never too far away from Catherine...

It is, however, rather clear that only one person in this pair grew up dune-jumping!


  1. Beautiful, congratulations to the happy couple.

  2. They look SO HAPPY together!! I am thrilled for your family . . . although I can say from experience, it sure is hard to let them go! Prayers for many years of health and happiness for the beautiful couple! Thanks for sharing the pictures :0!!!


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