Memories, Part II

Some of the best memories of our time in this home come from when folks came to stay with us. It's been a great blessing to have a home that made it easy to have lots and lots of people come and stay. I do hope, when we're settled on the mainland, that we will again have an open home for all kinds of strays .....

... like this bunch who came all the way from Washington State. From the West coast of America to the West coast of Europe. A long treck, ladies, but worth it, I'm hoping.

They happened to be here at the time of our annual DR's-birthday-general-summer-campfire-get-together, and along with plenty football, food, and cake, we had some great outside singing too.

Great memories!

They also happened to be here during our warmest spell that year, and had a great time with the girls touring Harris and enjoying themselves on Luskentyre beach.

Of course, like all good things, their trip here came to an end. I hope, ladies, you'll come visit us in our new home, and we'll show you another part of our lovely country.

*     *     *

This is my cousin, my sister, my friend. She, along with her husband and family were the first visitors who ever stayed with us in this house. We moved in on Saturday and they came on the Monday for a holiday. It was such a joy to me to share our home with them.

Every single time we meet is special. I sure hope that will not change when we move from here. Indeed I'm hoping for many more opportunities to meet, given that only the A9 will separate us, rather than the A9 and the Minch.

*     *     *

Heather, from Life in the Valley, and her lovely daughter came to visit too.

We had fun ten-pin bowling, 

and of course on our wide open person-less beach!

So much sea ... so much space!

*     *     *

Sometimes, when certain folks come to stay, you almost forget they're 'visitors'. Laurie, who spent some time on the island, became to us all not a visitor, but almost one of the family. We all missed her so much when she returned to her native Pennsylvania. I mean seriously - what's PA got that we don't have? 

(Okay, maybe you don't need to answer that one ...)

As I said, she wasn't treated like a visitor, but came with us to the peats, planted vegetables with us, and baked the most amazing Coffee Cake.

Please come back soon, Laurie!

*     *     *

Now, do y'all remember our dear friends, Alex and Elsie? This post tells how we first met, and God's providence in bringing us together has been such a blessing to us, and I hope to them too. They are loved so much by us all, and the children absolutely adore them!

When we're on the mainland, we'll be much closer to them and that is a definite bonus for us.

*     *     *

We've even had - wait for it - Sasannaich staying with us. Okay, so biologically they're much more Scottish than they are English, 

and on a practical level, they helped with the housework, and even - wait for THIS - 

got DR helping with the housework.


And 'faint' is what they almost did this day ...

when they decided to take a dip in the Atlantic ... during the first week of January.

Brave? Or simply mad? You decide :)

*     *     *

Of course, our most important guests are those closest to us. Mum and Dad are regular visitors and I do not take for granted my privilege in still having my parents around. 

Not only are they around, but they're full of beans!

Take Dad ...

Here he is (with the Builder) on his iPad. Now, Dad had never had an item of technology until he got this as a present for his and mum's Golden Wedding anniversary. He has loved it ever since.

He comes to me at times and shows me all his commentaries, and how he highlights paragraphs and stores them somewhere else, and keeps all his notes in this one place, and is able to cross-reference .... 

Good grief, man. I'm LOST! I haven't a clue what he's on about, but the iPad has been the best thing ever for him.

The next photo gives you some idea just of how 'full of beans' he is. 

Yes, this is my Dad.

If our kids are doing something - ANYthing - he is right in there with them.

Mum and I stayed in the warmth. Even the photos were taken by the kids.

Now, talking of family ...

My townie sister has been known to have the odd sleepover here. Would y'all believe me if I said these were sombre, serious nights? 

Yeah, I thought not. 

In the photo (above) she's on her way to the peats with me. Yes, I had the audacity to drag her to the moor with me. I'd forgotten that town ladies don't DO peats. 

(Or if they do, they do them in pink.)

*     *     *

And finally, onto more recent stay-ers. 

Now that John is becoming part of our family, we've also had the pleasure of having his family stay with us. What fun we had over New Year with John, Matthew and their parents! 

In-laws, out-laws. Call them what you will, but I'm all for extending families. :)


  1. We love to practice hospitality here at our cottage too. It's such a delight having company, and I can tell you love it!

    I'm sure your new home will be full of guests as well. It's your welcome that keeps them coming!


    1. I certainly do hope so, Mrs M. A house isn't a home of it doesn't have a welcome to give, I think.
      A x

  2. What beautiful sweet memories! I thank you for sharing them with us.

    1. Thank you, Susan. They were sweet for me to remember too 😊
      A x

  3. And the memories Sarah Jayne has, make our whole family feel like we know you! We (some representative of our family) will definitely have to come see you at your new home! And remember, we'd LOVE to show ya 'round these here parts! (Even if you don't bring some of DR's chocolate!)

    1. That time, Keri, is a really special memory for us here 😊.
      A x

  4. Your memories are beautiful. They make me sniffle and want to cry a little. Change is exciting and sad all at the same time.

    1. Pam, that's kinda what they do to me too 😖. And yes, we're excited and also.....erm, well, something else too, but not quite sure what.
      A x


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