Memories, part I

Following on from my last post, where I posted lots (and lots!) of photos I'd taken from this house - yes, this house that will soon no longer be our house - our home - this post will not concentrate on what I can see from my window, but rather on some of the memories that have been created over our years here.

Of course, they are so much more precious than even the most stunning of sunsets. Wouldn't you agree?

(When I actually began to write this post, I realised I have far too many memories for just one post. This one will specifically look at specific annual events. In another post, we'll look back at some of the memories that stem from folk who've stayed with us. And in yet another post, well, we'll take a wander down memory lane at some of the memories made simply because this was our home.)

*     *     *

On the Saturday closest to the 5th of November each year, our kids and The Cousins would begin to build a bonfire.

Normally, as much fun was had in the building of the fire, as in the burning of it.

Poor Guy .... erm, or .... maybe not!

There is no doubt that one of best aspects of our kids living here has been the proximity of these cousins.

This kinda sums it up:

*      *      *

 Some of our homeschool get-togethers have made wonderful memories for me. Because there are so few of us homeschooling on the island, the bonds between us are strong.

At times, we celebrated British events, like Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.

(Aye, you Americans can kid us all you like, but we know you love our Queen, and would swap her for most of the Presidents you've had over the 63 years she's been our Head of State. Go on... admit it!)

The preparation was always fun

the looking back at history was always fascinating,

the making, and especially the eating of food was pretty good too,

but the people is always what made the day special. On this particular day, the sunshine made us abandon the house and head to 'our beach'.

Definitely a good choice :)

*     *     *

We also, as y'all know, celebrated some American events. 

And sometimes, we were even privileged to have Americans join us!

And we would end the day with the signing of the Constitution. Aye, for all the fun involved, we never forgot we were homeschoolers. 

Or something like that ;)

Sometimes, during our (fairly frequent) American celebration, Jackson would forget himself, and would appear to be supporting the wrong side.

Or ... right side?

*     *     *

DR's birthday falls in July, and the way in which we celebrated his 18th birthday became a bit on an annual event.

Of course, we had cake ...

and food ...

And of course ... people!

Lots of people always make for a fun time,

but sometimes it only takes a pair of ... well, you know the kind of folks ... 

*     *     * 

Thanskgiving Day became another excuse reason for us homeschoolers to get together.

We can surely say these words from Psalm 136: "Give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good". 

The children always had fun filling the tree with 'thankful for...' leaves.

And treasure hunts for letters to make up a sentence went down a treat too.

Stories of the Mayflower, of the first Thanksgiving, and placing the tail on the turkey made up part of a very happy and fun homeschoolers' get-together.

*     *     *

Boxing Day family get-togethers were also an annual event, with the Builder's side of the family gathering for much merriment and laughter.

This past Boxing Day saw all the aunts and uncles and all the cousins together. Given the way our lives are going, we were keenly aware that such a gathering may not happen again for quite some time. 

My advice to y'all? Get together! 

Just do it. Make excuses. Or feel the need for no excuse - even better!

*     *     *

Get-togethers like the one photographed here had no real reason. Just kids deciding to go ten-pin bowling, come back here for a buffet, and then spend some time playing Articulate, blethering, and then worshipping God together.

See ... no event needed!

But plenty memories made.


  1. We attend a small, family church. We spend Sundays together - all day. It's wonderful, and special. I homeschool too, and so do most of the families in our church.

    Your memories are special, and I trust you will make new ones in your new home.


  2. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Lovely memories and use the time remaining to make more.

  3. Some truly wonderful memories that you can take anywhere.

  4. Great looking memories!
    Makes me smile with you!

  5. Lovely photos. Praying for you as you face this big change and all the new opportunities.

  6. What wonderful memories you have made and shared. I feel blessed to have been able to a part of so many of them. I feel a little choked up over you leaving…..and yet I so relate and understand and am excited for your new adventures. I'll keep an eye out for your updates.
    Love and blessings,


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