Some Differences Between the Builder and Me

Some time back on Homeschool on the Croft's Facebook pageI linked to a post on The Pioneer Woman's site where she talked about some of the differences between herself and her husband. 

It got me thinking about just some of the differences between the Builder and me.

(Gratuitous use of this photo, simply because I like it.)

This photo is linked to my first point (below), so it's not being used gratuitously. Phew!

*  The Builder's dream day out would consist of walking miles across the moor with his brothers. Much as I would love to spend my time with his brothers (ahem), walking the moors is probably not my idea of a dream day. In my dream day, my feet would be up and I'd be comfortably warm in front of a peat fire.

*  I love watching sport. The Builder - nope.  

*  The Builder likes exercising. Me - nope. I do, however, like to watch him exercising, so maybe that counts ;)

*  I love discussing politics. The Builder would rather have teeth pulled.

*  I love reading about history. The Builder would fall asleep on the first page of any history book.

*  The Builder is calm. Me too.

Okay, maybe that's not quite true..  I have been known to get rather hot under the collar once or twice.

Maybe thrice.

But he calms me. Did I ever tell you about the time I was in hospital after the Wee Guy was born (I know I told you about that, but I mean this specific aspect of it ....). My blood pressure was high: really high. The readings were being taken every 30 minutes, and when the Builder came in to visit, my blood pressure went down significantly. Every single time, of every single day, this happened.

*  He has stickability. When he decides to do a thing, he will stick with it until it's done. When I decide to do a thing, the process of deciding exhausts me to such an extent that all I'm able to do is sit with a cup of tea and a cake.

~      ~      ~

There are of course some things in which we are the same.

We love our Saviour; we love each other; we love the kids. 

We both love food. And tea. And cakes. And chocolate.

Consequently, we're both looking to lose a pound or two.

So, what about you? Are you folks examples of 'opposites attract'? Or was it similar interests that drew you together?


  1. What a fun post! :)

    There's so much I could say about Jeff and I - our differences and our similarities - but one of the first things that pops into my head is that he and I are very different in the area of what we worry about. He tends to worry about finances. Me? Never. God will provide, right? :)

    I tend to worry about much more *logical* things...like the exit door suddenly popping out of the airplane the next time we fly, and all of us falling to our deaths...or the boys leaning too far over the edge of a ferry boat and falling into the water. You know, important things like that. Things that really need to be worried about. ;-)

    Or things like whether Josiah's future will be ruined because I failed in my mission to make him love grammar. Or whether Tobin will ever learn to read because here at the ripe old age of five, he hasn't yet.

    I'm always so rational. ;-)

    But worry about money? Who would DO that?? ;-)

  2. When two have been married for almost 42 years there are days when it becomes hard to determine exactly whether we are quite different or if we're much the same. There are days I would swear that we'd switched places from the beginning of our union. ;)

    Carroll was raised to do things on spur of the moment. That's not to say he was brought up to live life haphazardly. It was just that if he woke up and decided it would be fun to go for a long walk in the woods...or visit relatives...or go hunting...or go fishing that is exactly what he would do. I, on the other hand, came from a family where we did NOTHING on spur of the moment. If it hadn't been carefully considered (both pros and cons), fitted into the schedule and written down it did NOT get done! I have to say that over the years I have grown quite a bit in this area of life! :)

    Carroll is the one with the level head on his shoulders...for which I am grateful because I would give away everything we have otherwise! ;)

    Carroll is the listener...I am the talker (which means he listens QUITE a LOT!

    Carroll is the one who sets a goal and follows through...I am learning. :)

    Carroll is my Rock...the stablizer, he gives me courage to go on when I'm staring at my fears.

    Thank you once again, Anne, for the prompt that makes me think! Thank you for sharing about your own similarities and differences in your marriage. I love coming here, because you cause me to think!

    1. There's a long time since e this was written, and when I wrote this post way back I had no idea how to reply to comments! Anyway came across this tonight and wanted to say how I loved your comment :). Thanks for posting.... all these years ago!


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