From a Very Windy Lewis, to a Cool Virginian Porch

Hi, Patrice. Brrrr, it's chilly here this week. Along with very cool temperatures, we have very, very strong winds. In fact, we had American friends visiting today and I asked one of the young girls whether they had winds like this in Michigan. Her answer was: 'If we had winds like this, we'd be in the basement waiting for the tornado to hit' ... !

THIS also came to visit.

*Swoon* ... Couldn't you just eat these toes? The ransom note is heading the parents' way. After all, you don't seriously think I allowed these toes to escape, do you?

Let's move on to your questions, Patrice.

1. Would you rather sit in front of a fireplace with a roaring fire, soak in a lovely bath, or spend free time on your computer?

Definitely a fireplace with a roaring fire, Patrice. I love sitting in front of a peat fire - it gives off such a lovely warmth - totally unlike the kind of heat that comes off an electric fire. Of course, if you add a cuppa and cake and a book to my sitting by a roaring fire, then we have my complete ideal. 

This scenario is definitely the stuff my dreams are made of.

2. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

Oh, milk, every time. I do not like dark chocolate at all .... oh, well, I have one exception: if the dark chocolate is with mint, like in After Eights.

After Eights are wonderful.

3. Have you ever tried a recipe from a blog or Pinterest?

Ab-sol-utely, Patrice! I often find my recipes from blogs, and the Raspberry Muffins I made last week (twice) and this week (twice) came from the blog Mennonite Girls can Cook.

They sure can! 

I used raspberry yoghurt in the recipe and I also sprinkled the muffins with Demerara sugar before they went into the oven. I love that extra little crunch that gives them.

These muffins are seriously good, and I am holding these Mennonite Girls personally responsible for the pounds that are slowly but surely being piled on.

If you make them, remember they are to blame when you have the pounds piling on. I am taking no responsibility.

4. Do you have a guest room? If not, do you have a spare room that you use for something other than a bedroom (sewing room, office, craft area, etc)?

I was telling you a couple of weeks ago about the room that used to be our office, but is now, erm .... It's now the Builder's room, aka, the exercise room. Of course, after all the aforementioned raspberry muffins, it's the room I ought to be frequenting, but so far, I have managed to resist its draw.

Seriously, can you see me spending a lot of time in here??

We do have a guest room, Patrice. I do love having a bedroom that is always ready for visitors.

You remember our dear friends, Alex and Elsie? Do you remember me telling you how we met? You can read about it here.

 Our guest bedroom has become known as 'Alex and Elsie's room', simply because they are the ones who use it most regularly. The times they come to stay are always happy times of love and fellowship, so we are happy to have a specific 'Alex and Elsie Room'.

5. Is your hair curly, straight, or something in between?

That'll be straight, then, Patrice :)


  1. Awww what cute little baby toes. :) I think that a peat fire sounds nice and comforting...it would mean that I was back home in the land of my ancestors. I would love to be there some day!

    Have a great week. :)

    1. Yes, Suzanne, you would *love* the smell of peat burning :) . I hope you will be able to see Scotland one day. Where were your ancestors from?

  2. I love baby feet... that photo made my heart happy! Have a great week!

  3. Hi! Elizabeth and I were talking tonight about how fun it would be to visit (me sans migraine) again. :) Your home is a place of love and fellowship. Also, I love me a good fire and After Eights! (I was thinking of mentioning to the husband that I'd like to see those in my stocking this year.) Much affection to you and yours!

    1. Aww, Heather, it would be lovely to see you again. And my husband will be delighted with the idea you've given me - to TELL him to give me After Eights (much easier for our poor hubbies if they're told what to buy ;) )

    2. You are exactly right! They certainly appreciate it. :)

  4. As always, Anne, it was a pleasure to be here today. Loved meeting you at Patrice's! Your hospitality speaks well of itself!

    1. Thank you, once again, Dianna. So lovely meeting you week by week :)

  5. I have a question for you about the peat. Do you cut peat off of your own property, or do you have to go to places where they sell peat? This is probably a silly question!! Also, where do you store the peat? Do you stack it outside your house like we would stack firewood? Inquiring minds want to know! Blessings to you!!

    1. We cut our own peat - the peat banks are on the moor - where there are no houses - just moorland :) . Everyone who lives on a croft has an area of the moorland that 'belongs' to the croft and that's where that family would cut their annual supply of peat. I'll link to a couple of previous posts ...

      This one is for the turfing/cutting stage: http://www.homeschoolonthecroft.com/2010/07/peat-cutting.html

      And this one is for the later stage of taking them home:


  6. After Eights are so good! What is it about baby toes? They are so charming! Just lovely! How good that they are attached to something as sweet as a baby. :)


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