On Time with Patrice's Porch Chat

Thanks again, Patrice, for your questions. I'm actually joining y'all this week on the correct day ... things are looking up!

1. Furry Bottoms asks: Did you grow up in a small town, or a big town? Did you like it?

I grew up about a mile from where I now live. It isn't a town of any description, but a village. In Lewis, if you live outside of the main town, Stornoway, you probably live in a village. A number of villages come together to form a district. As we all know, Ness is the only district worth mentioning. 

Ness is at the top of the island, looking down on all others.

 Ness is located in Outer Hebrides
Here we are: Lewis is the largest, and most northerly of the Western Isles, and Ness is the 'tip' part of the island. As you know, our house looks west onto the Atlantic Ocean.

I posted this photo on Facebook last night.

This was taken last summer. When I sit in my favourite chair in the Family Room, this is what I see as the sun sets over the Atlantic. Much as I love the winter, with its short days and long, dark evenings, I must say that I'm quite looking forward to this scene out my window once more.

2. Lisa wants to know: If you could pick one song to hear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hmmm ... It would have to be a pretty amazing song not to get on my nerves over a whole lifetime of hearing it! 

This past week, Psalm 103 has been made very precious to me, and knowing that I would never tire of God's Word being sung in my hearing, I think I'll choose this, Lisa.

Here are the first few verses of it, in the Scottish Metrical version:

1 O thou my soul, bless God the Lord; and all that in me is Be stirred up his holy name to magnify and bless. 2 Bless, O my soul, the Lord thy God, and not forgetful be Of all his gracious benefits he hath bestowed on thee. 3 All thine iniquities who doth most graciously forgive: Who thy diseases all and pains doth heal, and thee relieve. 4 Who doth redeem thy life, that thou to death may'st not go down; Who thee with loving-kindness doth and tender mercies crown: 5 Who with abundance of good things doth satisfy thy mouth; So that, ev'n as the eagle's age, renewed is thy youth.

If you click on this link, from YouTube, you will hear these verses sung, a cappella.

3. Karen asks: What are your pet peeves?

Well, I'm such a gracious, patient person, nothing really gets on my nerves.

Okay, okay ... y'all don't need to choke on your coffee. No, I didn't think y'all would believe that - not for a minute!

So, my pet peeves ... How long do you have?

(i) Sloppy service. 

You know, I get out for a meal occasionally. Very, very occasionally. If I am being treated to a night away from my own kitchen, even if it's to an inexpensive cafe or restaurant, I want decent service. I don't want to feel like I'm intruding on the waitress's time just by turning up. I do want a spotlessly clean table - it aint rocket science. I want my server to smile. She, or he, doesn't need to be gooey or over-the-top: I just want pleasantness. Unpleasant service spoils my night, and if this is my only eating-out-night in the whole year, then you have spoiled my one and only night off in the year. 

That is not on. Y'all hear me?

(ii) Run-on sentences.

Give me strength! This isn't rocket science either. How is it that those who are of my parents' generation can write proper, basic sentences, yet so many of the letters sent to me through the post are filled with run-on sentences. Find the full-stop on your keyboard and Use It!

(iii) Political correctness (gone mad).

Ohhhhh boy ... I'm not sure if I can even begin on this one. If I begin, where will I end? ('Er, probably in court, Anne.')

So, yes. I think I shall leave that one. Suffice to say it drives. me. nuts.

(iv) Those who assume that if you disagree with their opinion, you are automatically discounting them as friends, acquaintances, or even fellow human beings. You know what? I am happy to debate a point, and still remain friendly. 

It may also be worth noting that if I remain friendly, it doesn't necessarily mean I agree with your opinions.

Just so y'all know.

Told you I was gracious and patient and that very little riled me. Aren't y'all glad you know me?

4. Colletta says: Do you remember your dreams? Are they in color or black and white? What is the craziest dream you've ever had?

I think my dreams are in colour. The funny thing is that most of my dreams take place in the house in which I grew up. Even when the Builder and the kids are part of my dream, I almost always seem to be in or around my old home. Do others have themselves placed in the homes of their childhood?

I have had dreams in which I've been yarning to the Queen, blethering to Prince Charles, or chatting to Ally McCoist. I'm sure that's perfectly normal.

Isn't it?

5. Rachel asks: What is the perfect pair of shoes for you?

Oh, Rachel, that is easy.

Nuff said.


  1. That view is amazing! What a glorious place to live.

    We are also a homeschooling family. I am also your newest follower. I love your blog.

    1. Welcome, Jen! How lovely to have you on board. Feel free to go browsing through older posts to 'meet' our family :)

      Heading over to 'meet' yourself too :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers, and I totally agree with you on your pet peeve iv. Just because I don't agree with you does NOT mean I hate you! Don't people realize it's OK to be different?

    1. Exactly, Becky ... After all, I can't imagine anyone in the world agreeing with me on everything!

  3. I love your views! How beautiful!

    Pet peeves 3 and 4...completely, absolutely agree. How did I manage to forget political correctness? Bleech!!!

    Such practical, useful shoes...those I could handle IF I could find a pair here.

    1. Yes, the view is so wonderful. I never tire of it ... Just ask the kids how often I call them to come and see the 'amazing sunset'! They reckon they are all the same - I know they are all different - every. single. night.
      Oh, and thank you for liking my boots. I can assure you that nobody else does! ;)

  4. Gorgeous view!!!!! I am not very good about run on sentences. I will try to be more careful. ;) I totally agree with political correctness.

    1. I always think when I write something like that, that I am setting myself up for a fall. Someone is *bound* to find a run-on in my writing and say, 'Ha-Ha ... gotcha!'

      I may rue the day I ever mentioned it ;)

  5. oh, run on sentence - i guess i am in trouble. oops!! ha. ha! ( :

  6. I love those shoes!!! Don't you ever get rid of them!

    1. Never, Leslie! Of course, if the girls had their way..... ;)

  7. I love your pet peeves. You know sometimes it's just good to get them off of your chest. But, now you have me all self conscious about grammer & how much I use the term Y'all...What is a country girl to do? Have a blessed week :O)

    1. Oh Sherri, I *love* to use "Y'all", and I'm not even a Southerner. Don't ever stop using that! ;)

  8. Great sunset photo! I may eek out a run-on sentence every now and then. I do it just to make sure everyone is awake.:) I agree that political correctness is over the top! The shoes look friendly.Wendell would prefer clip clops.


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