Morning Machair in March.

Some areas of Scotland are knee deep in snow. Parts of the south-west have this snow and have been without electricity for five days now.

Meanwhile in Lewis ...

I took these photos around eight o'clock this morning. 

There wasn't a breath of wind, and although the temperature was only about 6 degrees Celsius, it felt gorgeously mild.

These first two photos are taken from the car, 

but, believe it or not, I actually went for a wee stroll.

I am in the dunes taking this photo. The dunes are on the far right of the first photos.

The sea was about as calm as I've ever seen it, and the sound of the little waves was magical.

I'll add another couple of photos just so you can savour some of the peace,

and the beauty, 

and the music which surrounded me.

The next lot of photos are taken from the machair. I stood in one place and took the first photo looking south-eastward.

There's our house!

And now, I guess I'm facing eastward, 

to the north ...

and round,


and finally, 

to the south.

Our weather in Lewis has been so dry, that in this photo you can see the evidence of a moor fire on the east side of the island. The Tolsta moor is on fire, and in the centre of this photo, you can see the smoke rising to join the morning clouds.


  1. Replies
    1. Well, you know where to come for your next Spring holiday ;)

  2. Beautiful-it is colder in London!

    1. Yes, Sarah - much colder. And we're heading there next week. I can't believe our forecast is looking so much better than the south of England.... How often does *that* happen??!!!

  3. Oh, Anne.....I want to come across the Pond today.
    Wow, the LORD has blessed you with such a beautiful landscape! So many Psalms of praise must come from your heart!

    1. Soon, Leslie.... Soon? :)

      And yes, it really does make a person's heart sing out in praise to the Creator of it all. :) x

  4. Beautiful, beautiful! Thanks again for a taste of Scotland, land of my dreams.

    1. You're welcome ... but I have to say it's even lovelier in real life. Start saving ;)

  5. All of my scottish genes just flipped. Beautiful!

  6. *sigh* That's music to the eyes...I cannot wait to see your lovely islands for myself!! :)

  7. I'm sighing along with all the other ladies. Ever since I was a child, I loved Scotland. When I found out I wasn't really Irish, but was Scottish, it made sense. Thank you for providing pics for my dreams.

    Ya' know, you could always host a blogging conference at your home when it wasn't birthing season or harvest season...:)

  8. So beautiful and just as you said; peaceful. It is hard to believe such drastic weather difference in places of Scotland and where you are. It is like that around here as well. We have had such back and forth weather... snow, then dry and warm... but not enough snow when it comes, and so we are excessively dry once the snow is gone. There is so much bare ground and a fear of fires for the late spring and summer... so I can see how it will be the same with you.
    Have a blessed weekend,
    Much love,


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