On Patrice's Porch - It's Been Almost a Year Now

1. What's your favourite room in your home?

Oh, that could be difficult to answer. Wait til I think...

I do love the Family Room. It's cozy and it speaks to me of a day's work done, and a time for the family to relax. It's definitely a feet-up-chillax kinda room.

...this kind of relaxing!

And in summer, when I sit in my corner of the sofa, this is what I see.

2. If you could go anwhere on vacation, all expenses paid, where would it be?

Oh Patrice! I think I'm gonna be really greedy here. 

Here's the plan:

We fly to Maine - it's just across that water I see out of my kitchen window. We'll drive down the East Coast ... all these wonderful places - the coast of Maine, south into New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and all the way south to Virginia. Oh yes, Vir-gin-ia! After spending a wee bit of time there (insert wink), we would drive West. All the way west until we finally hit Oregon and the West Coast.

You think I'm finished..... Oh no! If this is all-expenses-paid, I am doing this Big Style. From Oregon, we drive north into Canada. After touring the wonderful and stunningly beautiful British Columbia, we take the train east, crossing the breathtaking Rockies. Can you imagine? Jasper. Lake Louise. Calgary. Then we could drive right across the prairies, and after stopping off in Ontario - just because I love it there - we would carry on east all the say to the Eastern Seaboard provinces, finishing off in Nova Scotia. 

There we could catch up with some Canadian Gaelic speakers and begin to feel 'almost home', before heading back across the Atlantic to our actual home.

Are y'all exhausted? Excited? Dreaming? 

Well, Patrice, you did ask. And you did say All Expenses Paid!

3. Were you a girl scout, or in any similar programme?

Nope. We didn't really have them here when we were growing up, although there are Brownies, Guides and Scouts here now. 

4. What's your favourite frozen treat?

Oh, I do like when you come to speak of food. 

I love Porrelli's ice-cream. The white ice-cream is wonderful with Sticky Toffee puddings, or with any warm pudding: Apple Pie, hot Chocolate Fudge Cake, Rhubarb Crumble ....

And their Raspberry Ripple ice-cream is simply yummy on its own. 

Now ... how to get to the freezer without being caught .... ?

5. Are you NASCAR or the elderly lady with the pillbox hat when you drive?

I love driving (see question 2!), although the Builder would be doing most of the driving on that Very Realistic Holiday I described, and I'd be enjoying the ride. When I was younger (that would be last week, wouldn't it ;), I loved to drive very fast. Very, very fast. Actually, I still get that same thrill when I speed. 

Sorry, let me re-phrase that: I would get that same thrill, if I ever sped.

Once I had kids, my speed dropped. There's nothing makes you slow down like knowing you have precious passengers in the car with you.

I have been known to embarrass my kids by doing a Sunday Driver imitation - yes, when there are people around. You know what I mean .... driving sitting right up with her nose almost to the steering wheel; lots and lots of revs and finally the clutch comes out with a st-st-stutter and jerk. Then lots of revs while the clutch is in to change into second gear.

You get the picture? 

You see why my kids sometimes wish to disown me? And why they've already booked therapy for when they're older, because all these traumatic experiences are bound to have caused damage....

Such fun!!


  1. Hahaha, I like the way you think with your "free" trip planning. I should have thought of that!

  2. Anne....can I come with you on your trip - you have just described mine to the T!!!!! I may not have included Canada, but now you mention it....

  3. Fun! Your chats are always fun! I love the trip plans, if only... Have a great day in Scotland!!!

  4. I'm worn out from your trip!!! ;-) Most of us gals like ice cream, or something to do with it!!! And, that view from your sofa....WOW!!

  5. Family rooms are the best since they contain FAMILY! I love the trip plans. I might have to hitch a ride in the first part of your journey. I also love to drive.That view on the second picture would definitely make that room a favorite. Have a great week!Don't forget the blog party next week. Wendell is besides himself with excitement.

  6. I can picture you doing the Sunday Driver!! (Um, I have done something VERY similar except I put one of those glasses on with a big nose and mustache! Loads of fun!)

    Pass the hat......I would give right now to have you come to Virginia!

  7. Oh thank you for the chuckle... my children have had to suffer at the hand of my "Sunday driver performance too..." I just laughed out loud at that and my hubs asked why... When I told him about Sunday Driving... he tells me he does it all the time with the kids as well!!!! Who knew - my kids might think this is the norm - I could be raising a whole clan of Sunday drivers!!!

  8. that was so UNFAIR to mention sticky toffee pudding, while I'm watching the calories!! Great post, and stay off the roads, lol


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