Fifty Weeks of Chatting

Join us on Patrice's porch this week for our 50th week of chats. Head on over to Patrice's blog, and you can take part too.

Seriously - who wouldn't want a trip to Virginia to sit on a porch and enjoy the warmth? 

1. Do you exercise?

What was that? Did someone say something? Wendell, were you saying something?? 

No? Good... Let's move on.

2. What's your favourite type of party or get together?

That is more like a reasonable question to ask. Phew!

I love big gatherings with buffet-type eats and a relaxed time of chatting. I love a buffet or a help yourself of any description because all the preparation is done beforehand and it's so stress free when the get-together is taking place.

I love when our time at the table is extended because the eating and the chatting are happening simultaneously. And then, finally, we can move into the Lounge and talk more. I love how, in our culture, it's so easy and so natural for folks to talk of the things of the Lord. One person may throw a question into the ring: maybe something that person read that morning that puzzled them. Or someone may tell of what God has been doing in their lives recently, and how he or she is learning to trust God more, and rely on self less. 

Our discussions will flow for a long time - deeper questions, heartfelt experiences, questions and needed answers ... 

We will end our night with a time of worship and singing. Yep... I think I've just described my ideal evening!

This was one such night:

Easy food. Sorted.

Drinks and sweet things. Sorted.

Young folks eating and chatting. Yep, sorted.

Into the Lounge for more talking, and

a good night, I believe, was had by all.

3. What's your favourite kind of melon?

I think that's gotta be the Galia Melon, though I'm certainly not a connoiseur of melons! I like them with green grapes, green apples and pineapple - all chopped up. That's a nice 'starter' fruit salad.

4. Do you ever go to a farmer's market?

No, I don't but I wish I did. We do have markets on the island - in Stornoway on a Saturday morning, but travelling the 25 miles doesn't seem like something we've been able to justify so far. I love seeing photos and reading reports of large farmers' markets and would love to have the privilege of going.

5. Would you prefer a series of day trips, or a week's vacation?

Can I have both?! 

A number of years ago, when we lived in Glasgow, we always came 'home' (to Lewis, for the uninitiated) for the Builder's summer fortnight. But one year, we decided to take our holiday at our home, but make it a fun and restful time too. We decided that every second day we'd go out with a picnic and see somewhere new, and the days in between would be spent in or around our house.

We Loved It! It was a wonderful two weeks of relaxation and fun and rest. And it came very cheaply!

Having said all of that, I wouldn't refuse a 'real' vacation either! 


  1. I had to laugh at your answer to #1 about exercise!!! ;-)

  2. Your gathering does look like good fun. How nice to have so many young folks together!

  3. I didn't like question #1 either. I think laundry counts as exercise. Must have been Wendell talking!We are currently growing the melon you mentioned. I had to do a search since I didn't recognize the name. Too bad the farmers' market is so far away, but at least you have your wonderful garden. I would like both, day trips and vacation. Now! Please! Have a good week!

  4. Your party looks like such fun. Question #1....let's really not talk about that :)

  5. I'm with you on day trips and a week long vacation. I really like both, but actually taking a vacation is so expensive that we can't do that often as we would like. *sigh*


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