Yesterday's Walk

Catherine took her camera on her walk with Jackson yesterday.

I like it when she does this because I feel like I've been on a walk without having to move from my home.

The beach, taken from the machair

...and taken from the dunes area

My one-year-old boy in the dunes,

...and in the sea.

Jackson's paw prints

Some swans enjoying the sunshine and blue skies. This was before Jackson noticed them.

This is them escaping, after Jackson had noticed them.

And here's the Birthday Boy, enjoying the fact that he showed them who was Boss.


  1. Magnificent, Anne! Every time I see pics I want to get myself back to Lewis on the next plane out. :)

    Love to your family from across the pond!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Jackson looks like he enjoyed his walk!

  3. love all of this! just beautiful, and add in one gleeful pup, and there's nothing better!

  4. Such beautiful pictures! Your corner of the globe (what ridiculous phrase!) is certainly a pretty place! and Jackson fits in just perfectly!

  5. It is just beautiful and I love the shot of the swans.

  6. Gorgeous shots, Catherine! The light was perfect and you used it well.

  7. How is it that you live in such a magnificent place? It's not running over with tourists, or developers or what not? Beautiful!

  8. Such beautiful pictures! Thank you to Catherine for sharing her walk w/ the rest of us. What a delight! Except I'm certain those poor swans don't see it that way. ;o)

  9. I like that there is plenty of breathing room around all of the homes eh


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