More Gaelic for you to Listen to...

If you want to hear more Gaelic being spoken (without the bonus of seeing me in the flesh), you can click on this link. I was being interviewed for a short time on a Gaelic radio programme yesterday about homeschooling. The slot begins at 20:05 mins and lasts until 34:40.

Happy listening!


  1. yup - sounded super....I understood every word....honestly....well, I did understand SOME of them! ;-) and, I still remember that "agus" is "and". Not much help, really! :-D

  2. I love it!!! Ben wants to know if you will give him lessons?! :)

  3. Lisa in MIssissippi24 January 2012 at 17:24

    Gàidhlig homeschooler...I love it! My Gàidhlig isn't good enough yet for me to have really gotten anything out of the interview, although I listen to Radio nan Gàidheal to help me learning. We don't have much use for it here in Mississippi, but I still love learning it.


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