Forty-five Today

It's my birthday today. I'm heading off to bed, feeling like a stuffed turkey (without the being dead part). I wasn't allowed into the kitchen to make tonight's meal. That made it doubly tasty. We had fillet steak, creamed tatties and roasted veg, followed by White Chocolate Cheesecake and raspberries with ice-cream.

Thanks kids, and hubby.

A wee while ago, Katie and Calum took some photos of the Builder and me. They wanted to have another photo of Mum and Dad that they could add to their vast collection of photos of us....

Tonight's photos will go alongside our wedding photos. I reckon every twenty years is often enough for photos.

Man, I hate having my photo taken. Think visit-to-the-dentist type 'hate'.

 Painful. Really, really painful.


  1. Happy birthday and many blessings!

  2. I thank the LORD that you were born 45 years ago!!

    Happy Birthday, my precious friend!

  3. That is a great photo!
    Happy Birthday Anne. :)

    May God bless and keep you,
    May His face shine upon you,
    May He lift up His countenance toward you,
    And give you peace!

  4. Happy Birthday! Beautiful picture. I love your hair.

  5. Happy Birthday, Anne! Sounds like you had an absolutely lovely one! God bless!

  6. Happy, happy birthday! You should take family & couple photos more often. You obviously don't see what others see in your beautiful countenance! PS, The Builder looks great, too!

  7. Happy Birthday Anne! White chocolate cheesecake would have to be one of my favourite desserts. Not only do we both hail from the UK, share the same name, homeschool and blog about our family life.I am also 45 and celebrated my birthday just over a week ago! I also do not like having my photo taken and for my birthday had my hair cut in a very similar style to yours! I am so glad to have met you and hope one day if I make a trip to the UK to come up to Lewis to see my cousin and visit you too!

  8. OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE!!!! You are just gorgeous inside and out. I love the picture of you and the builder, handsome husband and such a hottie he has for a wife!! I see both of your kids in you two!!! LOVE YOU :)
    ~ Marie

  9. First, happy birthday!!!

    Second, good for you for telling your age! Why do women get so secretive about their age anyway?? ;-)

    Third, it's WONDERFUL to see a picture of you and your husband. You really should do it more often. You know, at least every 20 MONTHS or so. Much better than 20 years. ;-)

    Fourth, that meal sounds delicious! What a nice treat for your family to pamper you in that way.

    Fifth, thank you SO MUCH for being so enthusiastic in your joy over our recent announcement. :) I am so grateful for your excitement!

    Sixth, can I use a phrase you wrote in a comment on my blog as the title for an upcoming blog post? I'd give proper credit to you, of course; but I just wanted to make sure it was OK before I "steal" your words. The way you expressed it completely hit the nail on the head, as far as my thoughts; and I'd love to share that with others.

    Seventh, may this coming year be amazingly blessed by God as you continue to walk with Him! Thanks for spreading joy as you go!

  10. Thank you all so much for your good wishes and kind words. Ann, that would be amazing if you were able to come up to Lewis and we could meet up. I was speaking to an Australian fellow the other day (I gave him a lift - he was hitchhiking - maybe not the wisest thing to do, but we are so trusting here on the island). Anyway, he was from Canberra, and I did enjoy hearing the Aussie accent :)

    Davene, thank you, and yes, of course you can use whatever I said... I was telling my family about your news. We're chuffed to bits for you :)

    Again, thank y'all! I can't say it often enough: I am blessed beyond words x

  11. Thank you so much!

    If I ever hear the word "chuffed" come out of my mouth, it will be because of you and only you. I've never heard it anywhere else, but it makes me smile every time I think of it. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing our joy!

  12. You're too cute not to have your photo taken, young lady. :) Hope you had a great day!

  13. Happy birthday! Sounds like a delightful evening. Thanks for posting the photo --- so nice! Does this mean you won't be visiting the dentist this year????

  14. Happy Birthday, What a treat to have dinner cooked for you and a fab one at that!!! Hope you have a great year!!!

  15. Oh Wow, How cute you look Anne. I'm so glad to know how old you are. That makes me only 5 and half years older than you, which puts us close enough to have gone through many of the same experiences and feelings of life. You and the builder make a wonderful pair... and what a good looking pair.

    I love that you were stuffed and spoiled on your birthday... it is good for a woman to have a little of that now and then. Sounds like a great menu; its making me hungry. Love your sweet family. They are good as gold aren't they?

    Happy Birthday!
    Much Love Always,

  16. But, your picture is lovely! What a wonderful gift you've given your children, by agreeing to let them take your picture. Happy Birthday to you!!! Sounds like a delightful Birthday dinner, just scrumptious!

  17. beautiful picture!!!!! happy, blessed birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i agree..anyting tastes better if i didn't cook it! ;)

    mountain mama

  18. I hope your birthday was extra special! And yes, anytime we don't have to do the cookin' it ALWAYS tastes better. I think your picture is beautiful!! Happy Birthday and God bless you my friend!

  19. Oh! Happy belated birthday!!!
    You're beautiful:D

  20. But you're beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful day. Love, Cherry x


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