Egg First, or Chicken? On Patrice's Porch, Thinking out Loud

Good morning, Patrice. We could almost have sat on our porch this last couple of days. We've had the most gorgeous weather, and I'm trying to enjoy it all, knowing that it wont be here for long.

We're kind of busy just now with normal schoolwork, although all four kids had a bad virus, so we're on a bit of a go-slow.

Catherine is beginning a piece of historical fiction writing, so she posted on her Facebook wall that she was looking for suggestions as to what era she ought to go for. What would you guys choose? 

Roman times? All that hedonism, blood, gore and battles? 

Celtic times, with all the rituals, tribal life and more battles?

Victorian times, with delicate ladies, chivalry and Colin Firth?

...er, what do you mean, he wasn't around then? You just ask the Bennets... he was, you know.

One of her friends, very helpfully suggested... 'It depends on the story'. So I got to thinking (always a bit of a danger)

"Does the story depend on the era? Or does the era depend on the story? Did the egg depend on the chicken? Or the chicken on the egg? " 

What do you all think?  

And so, we move quickly on to Patrice's questions:

What accomplishments make you the most proud?

Oooh, I'm not sure I have many accomplishments. I have so many blessings in my life, and I know my life is so different to what I deserve.

I have been gifted salvation. It is "the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast".

I have been gifted a wonderful husband. He truly has been a gift, and is so different to what I deserve. These are not idle words - this is just the way it is, and I have come to realise it more and more as I go on in my life. The life I lived before I married and before I was saved would not have made me a candidate to make such a good choice in a husband. I can simply say: 'It is the Lord'. And yes, it is 'wondrous in my eyes'.

I have been gifted four children, who are blessings above and beyond anything I could have imagined. They are not my accomplishments; I can take no credit for them. They were given to me for a season. My desire for them is the salvation of their souls; for them to love the Saviour; for them to grow into kind and loving adults; and for them to carry out God's will for their lives to His glory.

At one time, I would have felt pride about the way in which I got through my pregnancies and my labours. I know that is so utterly foolish, but I was so healthy and my first three pregnancies and labours were such a doddle for me. I used to joke that my labours were easier than going to do my weekly grocery shop. I was only half-joking. My pregnancy and my experience after the Wee Guy was born taught me much - What do we have that we have not received? 

In much lesser things than those wonders, I don't really accomplish much.... I would love - absolutely love - to be able to play the piano. If I were ever to achieve this, I'd fill in this space with this achievement. Until then... it's onto the next question.

When did your family first come to the country in which you now live?

Absolutely no idea! Unlike you guys who live in 'young' America, we live in ancient Scotland! Some of my peoples would have been here since Viking times; others from Celtic times. 

What is your favourite way to serve carrots?

Well, this will amaze Wendell, but up until two years ago - when we harvested our own carrots for the first time - I never ate carrots unless they were raw. I didn't like boiled carrots at all. When we had our own, though, I couldn't bear the thought of not eating something that smelled so good! I still don't eat them boiled, but I absolutely love them roasted: plenty olive oil and black pepper  - they're the necessities, but some garlic is nice too. If they're roasted with parsnips and red onion, the flavours are wonderful.

Do you decorate with anything that has Santa or Father Christmas when you prepare for Christmas?

I don't think so. We never did Christmas decorations when we were growing up. The Builder did, and so we do now. It's mostly the tree and some garlands. I don't think there's anything Santa-ish there, but I'd need to check when we open the box next month.

Do you prefer big dogs or small dogs? Something in between?

Oh, Patrice! What a question to ask me! Definitely big dogs. Small dogs are only okay if they're actually the puppies of dogs that will soon be big dogs. 


  1. Since I LOVE Jane Austen, you know what my choice would be! It would be fertile ground for writing, too - Empire and all that.

    Lovely nice soft mouth on Jackson!

    Since all of us here in the US (even the Native Americans crossed over the Bering Strait from Asia) are from somewhere else (I've got some threads on my mother's side from Scotland) it is a whole different way of thinking to just BE something, and not from somewhere else.

    But the heritage I value most is my heavenly one, and the family I hold most dear is the one with which I share the gift of grace and salvation.

  2. Big dogs, I agree. Completely!

    I do hope Catherine shares her fiction w/ the rest of us once she completes it, if that's possible. Historical fiction is sooo good to read, I can't wait to hear what she decides on.

    I love all that you shared about your children, & how they are yours for a season. That paragraph made me misty eyed. The proper attitude we all need when it comes to our children.

    Bless you and yours! Hope you have more of that delicious weather we've been hearing about.

  3. A sweet photo of Jackson. He is becoming quite the dog :) I do love a bit of Colin Firth I must admit.

  4. It is amazing to think your family was around since vikings and Celts. I love to think of that.
    Right on back to Eden.
    That is such a good picture of your dog. Thanks for your comments today. They blessed me.

  5. Thanks, Anne for your good words...I know, you were just answering the questions..but your perspective is so encouraging...admirable...ah...perhaps the best word is honest...you speak the truth! Thanks for being available to be used by God even in your answers to these fun questions! Have a very blessed day!

  6. I think your daughter definitely ought to go for Colin Firth. Oop- I mean Victorian or Regency times. I think the story can depend on the era. Somethings just didn't happen certain ways in some times. I think the era chosen for a story could definitely mold the story's plot.

    Wendell has been planning to visit you to have some roasted carrots. I like them that way too.

    Vikings and Celts- COOL! That's so interesting to think of how far back your roots go. My hubby can trace his to the 1600s. My mom did some family research and went very far back with my Spanish ancestors.

    I think the picture of your dog is SO cute. I like all dogs, but big dogs just fit my personality.

    I should send D2 over to be your piano teacher. She could go for further harp study while in the area.

    Have a blessed week!

  7. I just typed "somethings" when I meant to type "some things". What a difference a space makes!

  8. I don't know, the story idea and era always seem to go together. There's lots of wars and things if she wants to write some action, and lots of romance all over the place if she wants to write that. I don't know, the story is entirely in the realm of the writer. What time periods fascinate her?

    I like all your answers today. They always make me chuckle.

  9. Salvation - what a blessing indeed, as are husbands and children! Amen!

    Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog post. I'm glad you liked the house. Hopefully someone else will sometime soonish!

    And pelmets...the one I made was really easy and if you wanted to know how, then maybe I could do a wee tutorial sometime? I really mean easy. It's held up with a few staples from my staple gun!!! Do you have a sewing machine?

  10. I suppose there could be some interdependence of story and era. But really, all stories are about the general human experience which is timeless, I think. Of course, there will be specific cultural influences which might affect the characters' outlook.

    Your dog is lovely...I do like to look. Just wouldn't want one. Sheep dog trials are just amazing to watch. Those dogs are so clever.

    My mother's ancestors came from Scotland. They were MacLeods. I'm not sure of their exact origin in Scotland.

  11. Stephanie, if your mother's ancestors were MacLeods, they were almost certainly from the island here - maybe the Isle of Skye, or from Lewis :) (You never know - we may be related ;) !!

  12. Ha very cute enjoyed your thoughts and I agree BIG DOGS for sure...I posted a few pictures of shepherds from our trip to Jordan I thought of your family when I saw them. ~And I agree roasted carrots YUM! ~Have a great weekend Love Heather

  13. Your doggy pic is so cute. :)

    Some of my folks were in Scotland and Ireland before coming to not-yet-America. Who knows, maybe we're kin, too.

    I enjoyed reading your post. Have a great weekend!


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