Just another Monday...

I had just managed to get a load of washing in when a hail shower arrived. They were the size of golf balls.

No kidding.

Well, maybe that's somewhat of an exaggeration. But they sounded that big against our upstairs velux window. 

The Wee Guy said to me yesterday:

'Mum, if we get maybe four or five chickens.... We'll get a rooster, put the chickens to the rooster, so next year we'll have loads of chickens'.

I love the "we'll put the chickens to the rooster" phrase. Methinks he's spending too much time talking of 'sheep to the ram'....

And talking of rams...

Our new ram (do you like the 'our'? Ahem...) Big Brother's new ram is a beauty. The Wee Guy told me that too. He's huge. His back is sooooo long. 

Oh well, that's all the matters, then.

Here he is meeting the Builder. He's such a friendly chap, I'm slightly concerned that his name will be more B Forsyth than B Willis. 

Nice to see you, to see you.... Nice!

He wanted to come right up to the camera and say Hi.

Hiya buddy. I think I'm gonna like you. You mustn't tell Mr Wayne, but I reckon you and I are gonna be better buddies than he and I ever were.

Yep, we'll be seeing a lot more of this fella over the next while, methinks.


  1. He is a gorgeous big guy! So would have have come from without the island or within?

  2. How beautiful is your rainbow picture!!!!
    Love the ram too!

  3. The best example of nature favorite colour in first photograph. Watching rainbow is really interesting. I never seen all colours in rainbow, seen only five colours.

  4. I know nothing from sheep, but that boy is beee-utiful! And wouldn't I LOVE a sweater made of that color wool? Is he being raised for meat or for wool? He looks like he's very friendly so give him an extra pat for me!

  5. Those horns are awesome looking, I must say.

  6. And Wee Guy has the idea - putting hens with the rooster WILL produce more chickens. There are advantages to having your children grow up on a farm - er.....croft. Sounds like a good plan - fresh eggs, Mum!

    The new ram looks like a moorit (brown). I thought white was the desired color for the Scottish Black-Faced? Not for handspinners though - the more colors the better!

  7. Laurie: He came from the Borders. (None on the island good enough for BB.... after all, he's got the best! ;)

    Catie: He's not being raised for meat nor for wool. He's being raised for his genes to be passed on.... I shall say no more ;)

    Deb W: He is white. This colour is just a dye - the owners tend to dye their 'top dogs' for shows etc, just to make them look good.
    And he sure does look good :)

    A x


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