A Recommended Listen

This is my recommended listen for this week.

You may have heard of Paul Washer: he has preached some powerful sermons. This one was preached in Ireland, it would seem.

Listen out for this quote in the powerful passage on Christ's curse on the cross.

'If you can call yourself blessed; it is only because He (Christ) was cursed. If you can call yourself unspeakably blessed; it is only because He was unspeakably cursed.'

Have a listen. And have a wonderful Lord's Day.


  1. O I cannot wait to listen to this! I am hoping he has a beautiful accent like you all! :)

    And thank you for your kind kind comment on my page! It delights me to see that you have visited and shared a word! God bless dear friend!


  2. I look forward to listening to it also.

  3. I love that quote...it's so true. Have a wonderful day.


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