Babies and Culture

We want to introduce Caleb at the earliest age to cultural diversity, so we made sure over the past few days that ..

...he got to watch Match of the Day,

he watched/slept through the Last Night of the Proms,

and lastly, but certainly not least, he sat through a marathon session of Pride and Prejudice with his Mammy and Granny.

He told us, in no uncertain terms, that Pride and Prejudice was his favourite, but that we weren't to tell Uncle Calum. 

He also promised me that next year, he would stay awake for at least part of the Last Night of the Proms.

And he vowed that he wouldn't become football obsessed like his uncle. 

All the opinions and words here are his own, and are in no way influenced by Granny. 


  1. That really made me smile, a lovely post.

    1. Thank you :) . We're loving this whole new-baby-malarkey :)
      A x

  2. Caleb sounds like one smart baby - that wee guy is going places! ;)

  3. What a smart little fella! So precious to teach your little grandbaby all the right things to be interested in. ;)

  4. I see you even have the correct version of Pride and Prejudice showing there. ;)

    Congrats on your sweet little grandson!


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