Niseach's Deep Questions

Sometimes, I like to philosophise in the snow. I'm a deep thinker, and the silent whiteness of a day like this helps my mind focus on the really important things in life.

Things like:

When will I get my next Rich Tea biscuit?

How can I convince them I need to stay out longer, when I've already piddled-and-pooed?

Why did Daddy take that boot off me when I'd only just begun to tear it apart?

More importantly, why do these sheep act as though I'm not at all frightening? Why do they look at me as if I'm a walking, barking teddy bear?

Every day, the response is the same.

"Mehh, what is that fluffball?"

These are deep and meaningful questions, and I wish not to be disturbed whilst mulling over them.

Not disturbed, Mum, I said.

Unless you have a Rich Tea for me.

You do?!


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