Snow and Sunshine

I promised you I'd give you even more of a glimpse of the area around where we live. Remember last week's rain? Well, even as the waters were barely receding in Inverurie and some of the surrounding villages, this is what we woke up to on Friday morning.

Tell me I'm not the only fully grown adult who gets this excited with snow. 

Oh, and I use 'fully grown' in the most basic sense of adulthood. Obviously I wasn't referring to physical stature, eh? Well, adult I may be, but the sight of crisp snow makes me act like the age my height would normally be.

Around 11. Ish.

Not only does it incite a childlike excitement, but it also gives me energy - the kind of energy that takes me outside. And because I was outside, and because I'm a blogger (just), and because the Builder gave me a new camera for Christmas, I took some photos of the estate and the surrounding area just for y'all.

Can you see the hotel in between the trees in the photo above? One day, I shall tell y'all all about the hotel. This building began life in the 1400s. Yes, you read that correctly! Most of it was destroyed by fire in the 16th century, but a fair bit of what's now this hotel was built in the 1560s.

How amazing is that?!

Americans, you folks are just babies!

*      *      *

The estate on which the Builder now works, and on which we live is nestled on the northern side of Bennachie. This gives us a fair bit of snow when the surrounding area may have none, and it also affords great shelter from any winds that may have come as far as the eastern side of the country. Normally the West keeps all the gales to itself. I know this, because I lived through them. Often.

After my walk around parts of the estate, Katie and I took a wee spin. We went to Inverurie, and the photos of some of the flooding are in my previous post. But en route to Inverurie - a drive of about 5 miles - I asked Katie to stop the car once or twice, so I could capture some of the beauty around us.

Here's Bennachie's Mither Tap with a covering of snow. We haven't walked to the top yet, but all being well, it's certainly close to the top of our Things-to-Do list for this year. Remember in this post, Calum, Katie, and I walked up to one of the Bennachie ridges, and the views of the surrounding countryside were stunning. I can only imagine what it'll be like when we climb the Mither Tap.

Around another corner, and Katie was ordered to stop the car again. It's just as well she's as patient as she is, but how could I not capture some of these scenes!

Is this not perfect winter's scenery?

Can you find the house on the far left of the photo below?  

Can you imagine the sheer beauty that the views from this house give all year round! Were I to live there, I can't imagine any work being done. I can picture, and hear, the scene:

Me: Oh, guys, come and see this!
Kids: Mum, we've seen it. It's the same as it was when you called us to the window  yesterday.
Me: Oh, but it's not. It's different today. The colours. Oh come and have a look.
Kids: Yes, mum .... Yep, I see it. Yes, it's different. Whatever you say, Mum....


  1. Absolutely breathtaking! Enjoy the snow, while it lasts, and feeling 11-ish!!

  2. Stunning, such beauty. Enjoy feeling so young again and the snow. Take care.

  3. Those photos are absolutely amazing. True photos of God's beauty that we need to take care of.

  4. Gorgeous fairyland!! Can I come over!!??

  5. Hello there, from the boonies of Mongolia! Such beautiful shots of your new home surroundings. Especially kept studying the shot of the hay bales....something about the rows and the angle and the lighting....and the house and yes, their view(!) You have a wonderful eye. I had to laugh when I read recently how your children handle your calls of "look at this!"....another sunset, mom? I am the SAME way....each day and each light makes it all look just a little different. What a wonderful opportunity to worship the One who made it all....

    ....with love from afar, from a sister in Christ....


  6. Oh what handsome "wide open spaces". Beautiful. Greetings from the rolling hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - USA - where we enjoy the views of the Amish small farms in the neighborhood and like to take the "back way" to town. We finally have snow and sunshine this morning, too, after rain, mud and clouds. You're right. Behind the handsome farms are many long hours of work, early to bed, early to rise. Karen A.


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