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How many of you remember the game show that was on the TV a couple of (or a few) decades ago called Mr & Mrs? It really was such a fun programme, and as far as I can remember, it was the only thing my Mum every watched on TV. Couples would appear on the show and would answer questions about each other whilst one, and then the other, spouse was sent out of the room. This spouse then returned and hoped to give the same answer as the first spouse had given.  I remember some hilarious incidents where, for example, the wife would be asked a question ... let's say something like this:

TV host:  'What is your husband's favourite vegetable?'. 
Wife: 'Carrots. Definitely carrots.' 

But when husband would return and be asked, 'What did your wife say your favourite vegetable is?', he might say, 'Oh that's easy: I love peas'!

Then she might turn and say, 'Oh that's rubbish! You much prefer carrots!' ... and so a heated discussion would ensue over the husband's favourite vegetable. 

The older couples were always the funniest, and the sweetest. It was definitely a 'fun' show to watch!

So, why am I blethering about a 1970s TV game show right now? Well, over the holidays, John's parents - Mr and Mrs K - and Catherine's parents - erm, that'll be the Builder and me - were placed in the hot seat for our very own Mr and Mrs. The kids had made up a list of questions and they asked the husbands first, whilst us ladies were chucked out of the room so that we wouldn't hear any of their answers. 

From the next room, we couldn't hear any of the answers, but we could certainly hear some of the hilarity ... they were having fun in there, and the pressure was on for us ladies to echo the answers our husbands had given. Of course, the real pressure was for us Nisich to beat the Ks-from-the-Province. In the end it was a close run thing, but the Ulster pair beat us by one point.... ONE point! 

One of the questions the kids asked us ladies first was:

"What were you wearing on your first date together?".

Amazingly, both Diane and myself remembered exactly what we'd been wearing, but were convinced that our menfolks would have no idea.

How wrong we were!! Yup, twenty-five years on from that First Date, the Builder remembered that I was wearing a flowery dress. Even more impressive was Mr K, who remembered in detail the colour of Mrs K's skirt, the colour of her blouse, and - wait for it - the type of shoes she was wearing.

You could have blown me over with a feather duster! Thirty-five years on, and every detail was clear in his memory. 

I. was. impressed.

And all this from a man who remembers nothing unless it is a fact or date from over two-hundred years ago. John, his brother, and Mrs K were stunned into silence. Aye, even Matthew ... well, for all of a couple of seconds. (For those of you who know Matthew, you will appreciate how amazing these seconds were ... :) )

We were also asked what our favourite movie was. Both husbands were able to give the same answers we'd given. (I shan't tell you mine, but if you can guess in the Comments, I'll give you a prize. Erm, I won't really, but I will give you a shout-out in my next post. Go on - have a guess!)

I'll give you one more question we had, and you can try some of these at home yourselves!

The menfolk were asked what they thought our favourite meal was. The Builder answered that he thought mine was Sea Bass. Mr K reckoned Mrs K would choose a Steak.

Were they correct? They sure were! Sea Bass is indeed what I will almost always choose if it's on a menu, and Mrs K will always choose a Steak. Full marks on that one ...

Fortunately, Mr & Mrs were able to venture outside whilst they were here. Just a couple of days before they left, the winds died down and we were able to have a wee wander around town on a lovely mid-winter's day. Here they are with the harbour in the background. See how calm the sea is! 

And here,with the lovely Lews Castle in the background. The Castle grounds are so lovely in each of the seasons.

Oh, and in case you're all wondering: the question the Builder and I lost on was, 'What Christmas present did you give her on your first Christmas together?'. The K's remembered, but I did not. That's right ... the Builder had answered (although after some more thought, we realised that was actually the present I gave him!), but I had - and have - no recollection whatsoever.


  1. Oh how fun!! Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. :) We were part of a game just like that at my cousin's wedding. We knew we would lose since we never remember things like that. We ended up winning! On the things we couldn't remember we told each other to just guess - must be we think so much alike that our guesses were always correct. Haha!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like a very fun visit! We also played that game recently....um, won't say who won....
    Looking forward to hearing (reading) what your favorite movie is. I don't know if I could pick one.
    Have a great day!

  3. Sounds like you had great fun. We were only talking about this programme the other day, as we have just celebrated our silver wedding anniversary, and I joked that we'd win this hands down, but, I certainly wouldn't have remembered what I was wearing on a first date! x

  4. Such fun and wonderful memories made in the process.

  5. This is so brilliant, i just love it!!! I cannot remember our first date, let alone what we wore, I am going to ask my hubs as soon as he gets in from work. Actually I might just call him over there... it's a "need to know right now" kind of question!!! As for Christmas gifts... Oh my, who can remember!!! Thanks for such a lovely fun post... Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

  6. I'm still waiting for guesses as to my favourite movie 😊

  7. Gods and Generals?
    ( I really have no idea...I mean, I can't imagine that you hadn't seen Princess Bride 😀)
    But I am certain I'd love to watch whatever it is with ya!

  8. Is your favorite movie Gods and Generals?

  9. And after asking that, I noticed someone else already had...so I'll guess MY favorite movie--The Patriot??

    1. That was another idea for me too! I love that movie!

  10. We used to have a gameshow called "The Newlywed Game" in the 70's, that was very like your "Mr. and Mrs." I like your version better…. and love that the kids put you all on their own show. That is delightful. Now I am thinking to myself, "I need to ask my hubby if he remembers what I had on for our first date." I think I remember. Lets see as for your favorite movie; Ido think two have already been mentioned that were good guess's,because I know you to like war movies, but also Jane Austen, I would venture to say it is a war movie that is your favorite, so will just go with the two that have already been suggested. Have a great week Anne.
    Love and Blessings,

  11. Hello, This was just so cute! I think they remember more than we give them credit for! I hope you both have many more years together and wonderful love and memories...
    Blessings, Roxy


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