Sunsets, Spanish, and Spending

Yeah, we're doing alliteration .... why do y'all ask? 

*      *      *

The sunsets are now happening earlier in the evenings, and the sun is setting further to the west. It's amazing how quickly the seasons come and then move on, giving way to the next season.

It's always good to be assured that, "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease" (Genesis 8:22)

This was what I called the kids to see last evening. As always, the photo simply does not do the beauty justice, but as it's not possible for y'all to land on my doorstep evening after evening, then a photo must suffice.

Just a few minutes later, the sky looked quite different. I was glad I caught it, because the colours didn't last long at all.

You see, it always pays to be close to a window at the time of the sun's daily Adios!

*      *      *

Can you tell the Wee Guy - who is no longer the Wee Guy, but is Calum Stewart - and I are learning Spanish? Si. We spend an hour every morning with Rosetta Stone's Spanish, and then we spend a shorter time in the afternoon doing some revision.

I am having to make myself keep up. It ain't easy when you're forty-seven ... that is why I'm doing a language with CS now. Young brains an' all that.

For example, the other day, when Jackson was doing what he's doing in this photo, I said:

"Un perro esta come."

"No!" corrected Calum, "He is not eating."

"Un perro esta corre?"

"Noooooooo, mum! El esta durmiendo!"

Okay, okay, mate. I'll get it right sometime ...

*      *      *

Now, talking of Jackson and eating. While we were away in summer, the Builder came back to the house in which we were saying with the announcement that he'd bought Jackson some new bowls.

Fine, I thought. Good thinking, I thought. 

Later, when I went into the car, THESE were the bowls I saw.


For the DOG!!! (no offence, Jackson).

"Honey.... do you know how often I've looked at Mason Cash bowls for the kitchen, but convinced myself that the cakes will taste just the same when made in a plain old £3.99 bowl and resisted the temptation to buy them???"

For. the. dog....

*      *      *

Clearly, the Wee Guy's reading habits are a good deal more useful than the Builder's have ever been.

This is what I 'caught' him engrossed in today. He is loving it! I reckon he needs to sit his father down some day soon and give him some of Dave's and Rachel's (yes, he's on first-name terms with them) advice. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, m'dear :) . Yes, they really are gorgeous, and - as y'all know - I *never* tire of them!

  2. Your sunsets are most beautiful and I really would LOVE to be there to see them in person!! I agree with you on those gorgeous bowls. I'd love to have some for my kitchen . . . but don't because I'm just too cheap. Dog food would taste just fine in a plain old bowl hahaha!!! I love Dave Ramsey!! Good for your kids reading that. My kids are both very frugal, and I'm SO GLAD!! Blessings to you!!!

    1. Ramsey reall does have great lessons to learn ... I'd love for them all to learn them when they're young, and avoid many of the mistakes we made .... But, I know that mostly, they are HEART issues, and there's only so much we can teach the heart :)

  3. Ditto to comments on Lovely pictures -- and the reminder to get busy studying Spanish . . . before gray cells conk out.


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