Ice Bucket Challenge ... with a Difference

We had a stunning sunset tonight again, so Katie, Calum Stewart, and I headed down to the beach just as the sun was sitting above the horizon.

However, our main reason wasn't to admire the beauty of the beach and sunset...

Katie had been nominated for the Ice Bucket challenge, and instead of having a bucket of iced water poured over her, she chose to dunk herself in the chilly North Atlantic instead.

I have no idea where these kids came from. Did I really breed them??

Her bravery knew no bounds ...

Erm ... hang on. Maybe it did, because despite running bravely into the water, 

she couldn't seem to find the courage to get her head fully submerged.

Go on, Katie! Head under!

I know my photos aren't proof - simply because I wasn't quick enough with my clicking, 

but the photo above is actually Katie coming up out of the water, having completely dunked herself!

Phew! Well done, Katie. 

The Alliance of Pro-life Students got your donation.

The Ness Fire Brigade got your choice of nomination.

I got a good laugh.

And you probably got a cold.

C'est la vie.


  1. The whole idea is to call attention to a cause and then donate money. Good for her, doing it her way!!

    1. I think she was right to choose something different. I doubt I'd have been able to do it, mind you :p
      A x

  2. Beautiful sunset and good for her well done.....

    1. It was stunning, I must say. I'd have happily sat in peace and watched the sun setting in all its beauty.... really gorgeous :)
      A x


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