It Took a While, but ...

... we finally have some decor on our stair wall.

We've only been in our home for eight years. 

That's waaaay longer, of course, than I've actually had these pictures. But still ... these photos have sat in a cupboard, and then on a stool in the Family Room, awaiting their final resting place - the stair wall - for quite some time.

This week, though, Catherine decided the hall walls were going to be decorated. She pushed us to get the photos sorted, to decide where they were going to go, and then, tonight, to Just Do It.

All the photos are black and white, and they're all family snaps. They may get some tweaking over the next few weeks, but for now, I'm happy not to have an empty wall here.

And this finally found a home too. The wall where the door from the hall into the kitchen used to be doesn't look so bare now.

Family. Where life begins and love never ends.

I reckon I agree with that sentiment.

Oh, and I've decided our girls are never gonna leave home. We'd simply never get anything done if they did ...


  1. Well you've got me beat! I've lived in my house for fifteen years and I STILL have art to put up.

    I love the black and whites! It looks really gorgeous.

  2. It looks just lovely. Your wall of blessings! Have a great day my friend.

    And if you figure out how to keep your kids at home, please let me know. Our son graduated from college and moved out last month . . . and we take our daughter to college 2 hours away in August. Breaks my heart . . . .

  3. Our first house we lived in for9 years and I never put anything up. Lol. We are going on 5 years here and my walls are mostly blank. Maybe we just don't like the thought of committing to something on them. ;) that set up looks fantastic!!


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