Glad to be Chatting with Patrice Again ...

Poor Patrice wasn't feeling toddy last week, but this week I am glad to report that we're back on her porch. I'm not sure how long we'll be meeting on her porch now that the weather is cooler. Patrice insists the cooler weather is good.

Hmmm ... I beg to differ. Give me warmth!

And so to our chat:

1. Do you have any special plans for this week?

Not really, Patrice. Our clocks have changed, our weather is very Autumnal, and so I'm looking forward to some quiet evenings in by the fire.

Have you noticed how few and far between evenings together become as the kids get older? It hardly ever happens any more.

On a Tuesday evening, DR works as a lifeguard. On a Wednesday, we have our midweek meeting at church. On a Thursday, DR has his Fire Service training night. On many Friday nights, our older kids meet their friends for football and a meal, and soon over the winter, they're going to have a fabulous opportunity to learn from lectures on The Tabernacle on Friday nights.

This series of lectures is, apparently, for the youth.

I think they ought to have the dividing line in terms of height rather than age, because I would love to be privy to these amazing discussions on one of my favourite topics.

And so, time together is at a premium: Saturday and Sunday nights are my 'treat'. :)

2. What's the most relaxing thing you do?

Definitely sitting with a book, Patrice. 

My dream 'me time' consists of me, a book, a cup of tea, and some cake. Now that I am not at the stage of life with very young children, I'm able to find more time to read, and I am enjoying the pleasure more and more. Maybe I'll do a post some day on some of my recent reads.

The Builder and I were blessed with a weekend in Inverness over the summer. This is where we spent a lot of our time: in a wonderfully bright, warm, comfortable room. The Builder left a few times to go and visit some shops in town - cycling shops and tool shops - yes, his shops! But I didn't leave here unless I absolutely had to. It was bliss.

3. Have you ever worn a wig? (play, dress-up, or for real)

Erm .... Nope :)

4. Do you have an office, or special place to use your computer?

We had an office in the house for a number of years. We used it for 'school' and that's where our computer was. Bit by bit, it became more redundant as the kids did more and more of their education in the kitchen or in the Family Room. Now that only the Wee Guy is doing 'official' education at home, it's all done in the kitchen or Family Room; and now that the computer has been replaced with laptops, the Office is no longer in existence. 

That room now holds a treadmill, a bike trainer, and a weights machine.

It's not a room I frequent much.

Let's move on ...

5. What are your favourite kind of socks?

That is easy, Patrice! My favourite kind of socks are the ones that come out of the laundry with their 'other half'. What is it with socks?? How is it that, by the end of each week, I have a basket full of single socks? So any sock that is willing to stay with his partner, through thick and thin, through spinning and tumbling ... he will be my favourite sock for life.

I think we ought to begin a campaign for socks to stick together through thick and thin. 

They ought to be more faithful to each other, and not just remain paired-up when they're in the comfort of bedroom drawers. They ought to be faithful in the heat of the tumbling trial, or when they're being flooded in the washing machine.

Good Socks Stay Faithful!


  1. I love reading anything you write, Anne. What a sense of humor you have and it comes so naturally to you. If you need a campaign manager for Good Sock Stay Faith campaign sign me up! :)

    Enjoyed being here today...and I'm clicking to the right of me to "follow" you.

    1. Thank you so much, Dianna. What a great encourager you are :)

  2. Good Socks Stay Faithful! I love that slogan : ) And I agree, sorting the odd socks is my least favourite job.

    1. The slogan may be good, but I suspect they will not listen ... :)

  3. You are so adorable. I'm with you on the socks.

    1. Phew! Glad I'm not the only one with unfaithful socks ;)

  4. Haha!!! Love your office - I would never enter anywhere with a treadmill... Our kids room is called The Office, it is where they do ALL their work (play)... which actually means piles of LEGO everywhere and certainly not a room where any gentle footed adult would dare to tread!!!

    1. Oooh, Lego and bare feet... the stuff of nightmares :0

  5. You have the best answer yet! Socks that come out of the dryer with their other half are the best. I agree that they must remain faithful. Too many single socks out their. :)


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