Catch-up from Facebook Posts

Here is a wee catch-up for all my blog readers who do not follow along on Facebook.

Last Saturday evening, the girls came home with this lovely package for me.

When packages are this bonny, I feel reluctant to open them. Who wants to tear the lovely tissue? Or break the pretty ribbon?

When I did open it, this ...

is what I found.

What precious girls I have.... so much more than I deserve.

*      *      *

The weather has definitely got a cooler feel to it, and we lit our stove for the first time in some months.

It was lovely to smell the peat again.

*      *      *

This photo was taken the day of the Glasgow wedding at which we were.

I kind of like this photo. 

I kind of like the greenery. I kind of like the boys. Oh well, okay, I love the boys.

And yes, I love the kilt too.

Have a great weekend, folks. I'm am looking forward to my Day of Rest Tomorrow ... Here's a sermon I listened to this past week (whilst on my treadmill. Yep, that's the truth.) The sermon is called The Seventh Trumpet, and is worth listening to. (Click on either of the two links.)

Blessings to y'all. Have a wonderful Lord's Day.


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  2. What a lovely gift! I would absolutely agree with the sentiments expressed. Good job, girls.
    I can't believe you got on the treadmill, Anne. Good for you! I need to seriously think about that as a winter exercise option. It's just so hard to make myself take the time to exercise when I'd rather be doing...anything else.
    I love you all! I hope you are having a wonderful summer.

    1. Hi Charae! Yep, me too ... I'd rather be doing *anything* else!

      Will be in touch soon. Miss you <3
      A x

  3. Yes, the kilt is really cool. Is that your family's tartan? And I love the gift your daughters gave you. Very fitting!

  4. That's fantastic. Such a lovely gift, and such truth in those words. I pray for my children daily, and I hope when they read those words in Proverbs that they think of me. Have a blessed day! Oh, and what does peat smell like?? Just curious!!

  5. Just catching up on some blog reading! What a lovely gift! Good girls you have there. (Actually, I now have first hand accounts that your daughters AND sons are all wonderful!...AND their parents are too!)Love to see the kilt on your handsome young man! At what age are they privileged to have that attire? Or is the Wee Guy just not wearing his?

  6. Getting caught up after being away. What a precious gift from your girls. I don't think there is anything more rewarding than a gift like that from your children. You truly are blessed. I am thinking that it is wonderful that you have the wood stove going... it looks so cozy; it is still way too hot here to think of wood stoves; probably another month will change that. I love the picture of you boys; what handsome lads.
    Love and Blessings,


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