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Often, whilst musing over life's great philosophical questions, I think of my blog. Not because my blog is a great resource on the answers to life's great mysteries, but rather because I have blog readers who generally have answers to my kind of questions.

For example:

Why is it that on a day when my kitchen table looks like this ...

I decide to bake?

This is a serious question, needing serious thought.

Why did I not spend the day sorting out the books that lay on my table overnight, waiting for a new day, new energy, new light?

Who in their right minds would think it was sensible to make the other end of the kitchen look like Beirut when one end of it already looked like a storm had hit?

Who else would have walked into my kitchen today, seen a table strewn with the Wee Guy's school books and thought, 'I think I'll bake'?

These are the questions with which I am faced as I head to bed.

Why did I not finish sorting the Wee Guy's books into neat little piles?

This book for the bin.
This book for posting online in the hope that someone will find a use for it.
The book for this coming year's schooling.
This book for the cupboard. Either because I can't bear to part with it, or because I may genuinely find some use for it another year.

Oh well, tomorrow is Thursday, and Thursdays are good Sorting Days. Aren't they? I'm sure I heard that somewhere. Maybe it was Winnie the Pooh who said it, and we all know he was a font of wise words.

Or a bear of very little brain, maybe.

Another question: 

... for those of you who make your own coleslaw. Apart from cabbage and carrot, do you add anything else. 

I like red onion. When we had our own Spring onions, I used to add them, but I think I prefer the red onion taste.

And for my final question today.

Why is it, when the rest of our island was bathed in sunshine, we had fog?

Bruce and John Wayne don't mind. (By the way, do you like their sheared look?)

I miss the sun, and I really don't wish to have to travel out of Ness for it. It's the holidays; I don't like leaving home during holiday times ... Okay, so I don't particularly care for leaving my home any time ...

Maybe tomorrow the sun will burn away our haar, and if it does, no doubt I will let my readers know. After all, that's what bloggers do, isn't it?


  1. I blame the fog. What else better to do than bake on a day like that?

  2. It's too hot here to do any amount of baking right now, but I need to make some muffins to take to a baby shower tomorrow night. My husband calls baked goods "bakemeats" (Genesis 40.17) for fun.
    As for the coleslaw, how about some green (sweet) peppers, chopped very fine?

    1. We had the sun today! So, I'm glad I baked yesterday.

      Yes, sweet peppers would be nice too :)

  3. Oh my! Those baked goods look...well...GOOD!!! :)

    Here's my favorite things to do to coleslaw... ;-) http://thefoodiespot.blogspot.com/2010/03/asian-coleslaw-salad.html

    Last thing: Winnie the Pooh=wise words. Even if he was a Bear of Very Little Brain. ;-)

  4. Your baking is beautiful - looks perfect (and I'm sure it tastes perfect too! :-D ) With that kind of skill, you should be running a bakery or tea room! :-)

    1. I *am* running a tea room.... Oh, hang on - that's just my family kitchen!

      Oh, and it's not perfect - never is. But it disappears quickly, nevertheless;)

  5. Your baked goods do look bee- u-tee-ful. It is a very satisfying thing to see baked goods spreading over the countertops and tables. It is production, it is a well stocked provision for the family, it is sweetness for the tea times yet to come, it is a delightful moment all ready for you to gather with the people you love!!! and I could probably go on and on. As for the school books; well, they are a delightful mess, a little like Christmas I think, so I don't blame you for not getting that done. I look at your books and remember the day. I remember those same books too. Sighh.. I miss all that and the kids. Yes, Red onions... and I agree about the fog... perfect for baking.
    John Wayne and Bruce look very nice.

  6. Wow! That's a lot of baked goods. I have an idea ~ next time have the wee one sort his books while you give instructions and you can bake at the same time.

    Slaw ~ definitly onions.

    Sorry about the fog but that island of your always looks so welcoming, fog or not. Hoping you have sunshine today!

  7. I know why you had fog...'cause we've had rain! It's only fair. Wow! Your baked goods look sublime! Can I come over?


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