Happy Birthday!

Today, we have a birthday celebration.

It's can't be the Builder, because he, along with DR, is in July.

It can't be the girls, because both of them were born on Mothering Sunday, two years apart. Mothering Sunday is in March.

It isn't the Wee Guy, because he shares a birthday with my Dad, and their special day is in April.

Yep, you guessed it. It's Jackson.

I'll begin by showing some photos of him when he was young. This is to get you all Awwwww-ing.

Did you say Awww already?

He has mixed allegiances at times. This was on July 4th, but we soon told him that he had no right celebrating that bunch of people who wanted liberty even if it cost them short-term security.

Pfft! What kinda people want liberty, and are willing to fight tooth and nail for it?

Oh, hang on ...

Anyway, this post is about Jackson. Let's not get waylaid with trivialities such as liberty.

Whilst on subjects of grandeur, I'd like y'all to know that Jackson has Royal blood in him.

Well, kinda.

Jackson is, of course, a retriever. And retrievers ...erm, retrieve.

He is of very noble birth, and he claims his forefathers retrieved for Royalty. In the absence of Royal Grouse, he lowers himself to Toy Ducks.

It matters not. He has blue blood in him and he's proud of it.

Can't you tell? Doesn't he look regal?

He even rests regally (when the Builder's not around - Shhhh. Don't tell him.)

Well, it'd be lovely to keep the whole Blue-blood-regal-stuff up, but reality needs some checking.

This is more like the Jackson we know.

and this ...

and this ...

This one in particular says, 'Even though I'm filthy, Mum, I'm still adorable, amn't I?'

This one says, 

"Even though I'm an absolute goofball, you still love me, don't ya?"

This was the day I almost put him up for sale.

At this stage, he was Free to Good Home.

In fact, he was Free to Any Home.

I also considered selling this pair, 

knowing they were guilty for introducing Jackson's mouth and my precious boots.

They're lucky they bake such delicious cakes, otherwise they may just have found that boot booting them oot the door.

Happy Birthday, Jackson.

We simply cannot remember, or imagine, life without you.

The rabbits on the machair can't remember a time without you either.

... a time when they didn't have a Lab to mock with their speed, agility and underground hideouts.

But you have the last laugh. They don't sit at their back door watching the sunset, and then come in to a cozy bed in front of a peat fire, do they?


  1. I still remember the posts of Jackson as a pup. Such a sweet dog. He's a doll. Or is that a good description for a male dog?

    1. Not sure I'll tell him you called him a 'doll', Rachel!! Yes, it was lovely for myself going back over the old photos of him. So cute!!

  2. Yep, I definitely said "awww." He's such a handsome fella (especially with that beautiful flag...). ;-)

    1. Aye, Davene, he seems to love that flag almost as much as the rest of his family does ;)

  3. Happy Birthday Jackson! You are sharing a birthday with....me!! Enjoy your day! I wish I could roll in the mud too!! Cx

    1. Waaayhaay, Catherine! Happy Birthday to you too :) Hope you have a lovely day (even if you can't do some mud-rolling!)

  4. We enjoyed this post so much that we read it through three times. He is such a "punkin pie" as we say at the Times when we think someone is very cute. Thanks for the smiles.

  5. Wonderful post. Jackson is a handsome troublemaker, isn't he? That photo of him with the duck in his mouth is so adorable...and those pics of him filthy and gnawing your shoe...well, you had to document his devilish side didn't you? A great addition to the family. Happy Birthday, Jackson.

  6. Happy Birthday to this fine, furry fellow!

  7. It looks like he lives in what most people would call "doggie heaven", rolling pastures, by the sea, lots of rabbits to chase. I'm sure he's a happy dog.

  8. He really looks like a blue blood doggie if I ever saw one! But what he really looks like is loved!
    I must say he is a very happy doggie and to honored on his Birthday to boot.
    Blessings, Roxy

  9. AWWWWWW Thank you for posting about Jackson. He reminds me of the Golden Retriever we had about 15 years ago. I definitely miss our Rusty so I extra enjoy your Jackson pics.

    Thanks also for continuing with your blog. I seem to recall that you considered not doing so? Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I"m glad you're blogging anyhow. I love the bits and pieces of Scottish life you share.

  10. As always, you have me laughing Anne... I think I will have to bring this one up to Steve and read/show it to him.
    Yes, I did say "Aw" He is adorable, and handsome and the whole bit; and I have to add that I am glad to see that he is just as naughty as our dog "Shorty", who is entirely "Mutt", with no blue to be found in her blood. She is also fond
    of the bunnies, and the mud, and the snow, and the dirt, and the deer, and the cows and, and, the couch (after Eddie has given her a bath). I thought Jackson was always perfect, and Shorty so imperfect, so messy and ornery, and I would often tell her to look at "Jackson" for her example, and shape up, so now you see how glad I am that I don't have to worry tooooo much about Shorty's imperfections, because well, Jackson is human/I mean dog after all. Ha ha ha. Happy Birthday Jackson, you are so handsome and delightful.

    Love and Blessings,

  11. Oh Anne, he had me awwwwwwwing on the very first picture. Chuckling on many others, and the things you said! I can tell Jackson is well loved! I wonder if he and Boone share any blood lines, after all Boone is an English Lab. I need to share an update on him. Maybe he could write Jackson a letter.lol


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