A Very Late Visit on Patrice's Porch

I am so late joining Patrice and the crew on her porch this week. But, living the way I live, the mantra 'Better late than never' is never far from my lips. And so, onto this week's questions.

1. If you wear a hat, what kind is it mostly likely to be?

In the winter, I would wear something warm to keep my ears from the cold, but I hate the feeling of tightness on my head. Sadly, the need for floppy hats to keep the sun of my face in summer is almost non-existent. So, apart from wearing  something on my head for church services, I really never wear a hat. 

2. Do you wear perfume or cologne (ever)?

When I had my first baby, and especially because I was feeding him myself, I stopped wearing perfume. I always felt it was too strong for a baby to be breathing in whilst feeding. I almost never wore perfume over the past nineteen years, but last Christmas, the Builder bought me a bottle of perfume.

Let me say that more slowly: The. Builder. Bought. Me. Perfume.

Did y'all get that?

I love it, and wear it if I go out anywhere. Of course I don't go out much, so I'm expecting the bottle to last for quite some time ;)

3. What's your favourite snack whilst watching movies or television? (crisps, nuts etc)

Crisps? Nuts? Oh no, Patrice! Chocolate is my snack of choice every single time.

Oh, and I hate to break it to you, but you Americans don't know anything of what our chocolate tastes like. You need to come and pay us a visit to know the delights of my evening delights.

A friend of ours (CA, who visited St Kilda last week, and whose visit there led to Post 1, Post 2 and Post 3 on St Kilda) arrived the other evening with the most delightful gift imaginable. 

A whole box of Cadbuy's Creme Eggs. 

We choose our friends wisely.

4. What's the last gift you purchased or made?

Well, I may have purchased a gift which hasn't been given yet to the recipient, so I shall keep that quiet! Of gifts that have been dispatched ...

The Wee Guy had his birthday last month and he was given a goal, a football (a spherical soccer ball!), and Mist the Sheepdog DVDs, which he absolutely loves

5. Please finish this sentence: Before summer is over, I hope I've _____________ .

Patrice, I have a LIST that would finish that sentence. Here are two of the bigger To-dos:

* Our kitchen/dining area is to be finished. This means installing the solid-fuel stove, and painting the whole room.

* Our office: we need to decide on how we are going to use this room, and sort it to make it fit for purpose.

~    ~    ~

Thanks, Patrice, for your questions again. I've missed our weekly chats, and hope I'll be able to be with you more regularly from now on ...

Except... next week. Because next week - are you ready for this? - I am going to be in London!

Yes, a friend and I are heading to our capital for a week of sightseeing. No doubt, there will be a few photos taken over the week!

This photo has nothing in the world to do with what I've just been saying, but I absolutely love the depth of the blue in the sky here and so I'm posting it because ... well, because I can.


  1. Scotland is number one on my places to go list. Is there a certain area you would recommend?

    Chocolate is one my favorite snacks too. What is the difference between yours and our American chocolate?

  2. Hi, Headant :) Well, of *course* I'm biased, but the Western Isles are a great place to visit (sadly, we can't make any guarantees in terms of the weather, but we'd sure give you a welcome ;) )
    Skye is beautiful and journey down the west coast of Scotland and through Glencoe is a definite must :)

    As for chocolate, I don't know what the *actual* difference is - ingredients etc, but the taste is totally different. Of course, I find our chocolate much tastier, but that's the one I grew up with.... ;)
    A x

  3. This was such a fun site to find. I live in very northern Maine in the USA, but Dad was born and grew up in the British Isles, in Ipswich, England. He came here to the States in 1936 when he was in his twenties, as a circus performer. He had been with the Bertram Mills Circus and with Bostock and Wombell's Menagerie when he was in England. Your pictures are wonderful and your life seems so wonderful and inviting. God bless you and thank you for sharing with the rest of the world.

    1. Sheryl, welcome! What a wonderfully 'different' story about your dad! I hope you'll be happy 'with us' on the blog.... and please comment often ;)
      I love to know who's reading!
      A x

    2. Welcome, Sheryl! Lovely to 'meet' you, and what a wonderfully 'different' story you have about your dad :) Great stuff.
      Thanks for joining us here on 'the Croft'. I hope you'll stay, and please comment often.... I love to know who's visiting!
      A x

  4. Oh you're coming to London! Why didn't you come last week I must ask? Me and my girls read your blog from time to time and love to peek inside a very different kind of life from our London life. I'll be very interested to hear what you will write about. If you have nowhere planned for Sunday you would be very welcome to come with us to church and then for dinner? I expect you have it all planned out though,

    1. Lisa, that is so kind of you. We're not actually down on the Sunday - Monday - Friday only, but thank you so much for your invite. It would have been lovely to have met you 'in real life' :)
      Are you from London itself?
      A x

    2. Yes, we live in Streatham, south London. I do like living in London, although we don't go up town as often as we should! Hope you have a lovely time

  5. Thanks for stopping by my porch and visiting at Janice's Footsteps...I have family that are now in London also visiting, my neice is studying abroad there and other relatives went to visit during the Queen thing so who knows it could be a 6 degrees thing Hahaha. I am now following along on your blog adventure....Happy Travels


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