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My camera is broken.

A minute's silence is in order. Thank you.

Today, instead of a post, I'm going to paste the Homeschool on the Croft Facebook page statuses I've had all week. Hang on, is that statuses, or statusi, or neither?

I've just checked:

Not all Latin words ending in "-us" had plurals in "-i".
"Apparatus", "cantus", "coitus", "hiatus", "impetus", "Jesus",
"lapsus linguae", "nexus", "plexus", "prospectus", "sinus", and 
"status" were 4th declension in Latin and had plurals in "-us".

I knew that.

So, is status the plural of status. Like sheep being the plural of sheep. If anyone knows this for definite, could you please let me know. I'm not sure I can sleep tonight without clearing this up.

So, here are the week's status(es):

4th February:

Jackson and balloons .... made for each other

4th Feb

Can you feel the excitement??

I do love a good Scotland-England rugby game..... Bring it on!

6th Feb

‎...not that *I* ever would ...

7th Feb

Pre-natal scanning happening today.

Er.... the sheep, guys.

(I'll post about this some day next week....)

8th Feb

So, Rick Santorum won two caucuses and a primary last night.... 

What does this mean? Comments please :)

8th Feb

Katie to Catherine: "Catherine, you have had no experience of the French Guillotine .... When you do, you can give me your opinion."

9th Feb

Not that I'm obsessed or anything, but .... punctuation makes *all* the difference. 

Yet again ;)

9th Feb

Best tip yet for saving money on heating: Mop the floor first thing in the morning.

Stroll on! I felt like I'd run a marathon....

10th Feb

What a quiet house! Two of the older kids are away for a church weekend. The other away for an overnight in Skye. 
I guess I'll be talking to myself even *more* than normal, then.

10th Feb

Our Wee Guy is online checking out Farmland for Sale in South Dakota.

These Little House books have a lot to answer for ;)

11th Feb

All my tabs closed last night (all, er, 28 of them). There were so many important things I had to read.... so important I can't remember any of them (!).

11th February

I've just seen this list in a comment - concerning problems with the UK economy:

Problem areas?
1 Complete lack of regard for manufacturing.
2 Hardly any MPs with backgrounds in maths, science, engineering or even in private sector management. 
3 Weak education system with rampant grade inflation. 
4 Taxing wealth creation, subsidising indolence.
5 Measuring the size of the economy by spending, rather than output. 
6 Putting industrial costs up with daft ideas like wind power -yes it's necessary to pay for windmills AND the backup power station for when the wind doesn't blow. Much cheaper to move the factory to China, even if the net effect is increased CO2 footprint.
7 Attempting "free trade" with other nations who don't follow the spirit of free trade (fixing currencies, subsidising their own industries etc).

Discuss :)

So, for those of you who don't follow me on Facebook, you now have some idea of the great Wonders of the World you're missing. Or not.


  1. (dear lord, please get her camera fixed soon!) just kidding! :)

  2. You want comments on Santorum seriously? I feel the need to apologize to
    Ron Paul that Missouri didnt vote him first place in the non binding election.
    Insanity. Actually the best way to start an argument is to say,
    "I vote for RON PAUL"....

  3. HAY....or is that HEY.......I just found you (from Canada EH) and I am so enjoying your photos of Jackson and your lovely landscape!!

  4. If my camera was broken I might pass out:0 Loved this list. I agree about the floor mopping! Gets the blood pumping! lol

  5. Fun stuff! Love the clubbing seal pups picture...


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